The Ironsong Tribe

Full Version: The Di-spaya Song (By the great Troll Bard "Ozzy" Ozburn)
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(to the tune of "Lola" by the Kinks)
(based on inspiration from Kernasas)

I met her in a town down in Tirasfal...Where they drink ya blood... just like it was Darkmoon ale...oh...

She walked up to me and she asked me to group...
I asked her her name and in a ((singsong)) voice she said "Dispaya" ... Di-di-di-Dispaya

Well I'm not the world's most physical guy...but though she wore a cloak I could still see her spine,
Oh my Dispaya ... di-di-di-Dispaya

Well I'm not undead so I can't understand...Why she talk like a woman but walk like a man,
Oh my Dispaya...Di-di-di-Dispaya


Well we went to Silverpine and fought all roads illuminated by candlelight...
She magically threw a spell or three ... and said, "Dear boy won't you come and quest with me?"

Well I'm not the world's most powerful guy ... But when I looked in her eyes all I could see was light oh Dispaya,
Di-di-di-Dispaya...Di-di-di-Dispaya... Di-di-di-Dispaya

She sang a song or three!
She like ta say: ye, thou, thee!
You know she got no knees...
an dats de way it should be!

An dat is da way dat I want her ta stay ... And I always want her ta be dat way oh my Dispaya, Di-di-di-Dispaya

Though undead she still thinks she a human girl...It's a mixed up, muddled up, Warcrafty world for Dispaya

Well I'd been in Molten Core for an hour or more, And I'd never seen so much aggro before!
Dispaya smiled and threw another spell...and that Elemental really killed her well!

Well I'm not the world's highest level guy ... But I know who I am, and I'm glad I'm ALIVE...unlike Dispaya ...
Di-di-di-Dispaya ... Di-di-di-Dispaya

SPAYA...Di-di-di-Dispaya, Di-di-di-Dispaya ... Di-di-di-Dispaya, Di-di-di-Dispaya