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Full Version: Druid Tools
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Was wondering if there are any tools or addons that any guild mates can recommend for use with druids? I am playing my new druid and haven't really found anything that makes life easier.


Sorry for the late response, but I hope this will be of some use.

Druiding (look it up!) is a complex little task, much like a warrior's stance-dancing. Depending on the spec, the roles of tank, dps, spell dps, or healer get easier or harder - but you can still do them all. In my experience, the best add-ons and such are the ones that allow you to flow between roles more easily. Once you are in a certain role, it becomes pretty straightforward.

1. ItemRack - do not make the mistake I did.... carry multiple sets of gear. Even if you are Resto, carry a feral set in case someone needs an emergency off-tank. Feral druids should always carry some healy gear because in many groups you are a furry priest. ItemRack simplifies the transition between these sets immeasurably.

2. Feral form macros - if you do a lot of shape-shifting, you may want to look into these. I use this to switch out of anything (or dismount) and go into travel form (or sea cow if swimming!). To change your target form, just replace Travel Form at the end with the name of the form you want.

/cancelaura [stance:1] Dire Bear Form; [stance:3] Cat Form; [stance:5] Moonkin Form
/cast [nostance,swimming] Aquatic Form; [nostance,noswimming] Travel Form

Oh, and the stance 5 part can be taken out altogether if you're feral or young, or replaced with Tree of Life if you're resto.

3. Super-useful macro for casting innervate on yourself without losing your current target - which is huge for when you're trying to keep on person in a sea of red alive or for feral druids who want to keep their combo points or demo roar and such active on the target.

/cast [target=player] Innervate

Revel in the sweet sound of mana gushing out of your ears!

4. I personally use ArcHUD (and ACE2, as a dependency) to keep all my combat information right up in my face. This lets me focus on my positioning without moving my eyes all over the screen to check health/mana status, casting bars, combo points, target of target, and buffs/debuffs. It is not for everybody, and it can be a pain to install, but I love it now.

Now if only I had skill.....