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Full Version: A change in spec
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Last night Jivundus asked me about my spec and what I was doing with my 10 extra talent points upon getting to 70, I still hadn't made up my mind, so I spent some time today looking through some things and actually came up with an interesting tanking spec, and I wanted to get some feedback from those interested.

Here is the spec:
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As many of you know right now I am Protection Specced, and I'm in no way wanting to change that, but I have actually invested my points into Fury at the moment to get booming voices and Unbridled Wrath and with a level 61 talent point pick up Piercing Howl, which I had before 2.0 and Devastate came into the picture... Since getting the 2.0 changes I have been without Howl, and honestly, I haven't missed it all that much...

So anyway, there you have it, any thoughts or opinions from those that have used the new Anger Management would be most appreciated...
That spec actually looks pretty nice, though as a Prot specced tank, are you really going to use HS when you need to worry about its rage cost? Suppose being able to spam more is helpful though. Anger Management is a nice thing to have, and over all it looks nice. Of course, I'd argue for full TM, but you know my stance on that.