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Full Version: Rogue Talent Builds
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I am leveling a new rogue right now and am enjoying it very much.
The talent spec I am planning on using for leveling is below, I would like any feedback you guys might have;


Heya Cloud,

Combat is a fun spec for leveling, but don't ignore Assassination or Subtlety. You may want to try all three at some point to see which one you like, as they play very differently. (Personally, I love the Assassination Mutilate build, but that's just me.)

Regarding your proposed build, I'm not sure how useful Lethality will be for you since you'll only be using SS and maybe Gouge/BS. Combat is pretty much a straight up frontal fight. I'd put the 5 points into Deflection and Riposte instead. Being able to disarm your opponent can reduce down time a lot. Blade Fury + Adrenaline Rush = Ginsu action! I wouldn't put any points in Sub for the same reasons as mentioned above.

Good luck and have fun!


As a point of reference, this is my Rogue's build:
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A friend and I run identical backstab rogues. I don't have the spec handy, but we go almost equally in all three trees. It's a fun playstyle because no matter what, the enemy has their back to one of us.
Ahh, combat daggers is fun alright, but leveling on it can be a lil tiresome. Especially since you are going to have alot of difficulty maintaining a backstab (which honestly, is why people go daggers anyways.)

I have two questions about this popping up here though. Firstly, are you soloing mostly? If that is the case, you might wanna go even deeper in assassination. Maybe looking at a 20/41 or 21/40. The thing you need to balance out is survivabilty and your playstyle.

The want to choose daggers as your piece is great, but it also can be heartbreaking. Using daggers to SS all the time will lower your DPS over time really. Though it allows you to fight face to face with your enemies, combat daggers will ALWAYS shine best when you can get behind people. You CP generation is going to be a lil hard to keep at their back for long soo...some things to think off. The other choice would be obvious, though a bit drastic..and that would be to choose another weapon. Combat sword/fist are beautiful for all around DPS.
Origianlly I had a combat swords/fists build, then switched it around a little.
My play style will probably be grouped with an enhancement shaman primarily, so getting back facing shouldn't be too much trouble.
welp, that solves that problelm then =)

I'd say play around, see how you like it as is. It looks fairly solid as is, (Like psion said, the Sub points are probably not needed) so I don't think you should have any problem.

Past that, I don't know of anything else you might need input on for this, pretty much straight forward. Is there any direct questions you had boss?
Really I am wanting to know what is a good idea in terms of a leveling spec? I know later it is probably a good idea to specilize depending on what you are doing, but what is a good general build for leveling up?
For general leveling, its a toss up between assassination and combat.

For daggers, generally gravitating to an assassination build allows you more control of your fights through stunlock, generating less downtime. The downside is that it usually takes a lil bit longer time to drop critters versus going all out.

Sword combat seemed to be the main choice for people who need to level up fast and far easily. It can do alot of upfront damage without having to worry about positioning. Its excellent to farm with.

If I would be able to turn back time, and chose again how i leveled gho, I would level him swords this time though. It is alot less technical to grind on.

That being said, level on the idea of what you wanna do in the end. with the friend of yours helping out, you should be fine to level with combat daggers. You will notice it getting sluggish when you are alone though, so bare that in mind.


No one like sub spec... *Walks off crying*
Actually Dezna I am doing a Combat/Sub build for my rogue. I just like a lot of the utility of the Subtlety tree, stealth is one of the coolest abilities and I am becoming a bit of a Sap/Pickpocket addict Tongue

I will probably once I level her up switch to a Shadowstep build with Assassination.
I've always wondered about the deeeeeep subtlety builds myself. I've never went shadowstep because I was afraid of not being able to sustain DPS past the opener and the Initial KS. Have you found a way around it Dez?
I might as well shoot mine out there to see what people think. Keep in mind my highest Rogue was a 22 on Twisting Nether (too many kids... GRRR!)

That's right purty

edit: Changed my build slightly
Hmm...there are a few things that mebbe I would change, but all and all, its pretty good =)

Find weakness is one of the most important things you can have as a deep assassination rogue. Without it, your damage will fall by the wayside rather quickly.

Think of it this way, since you are assassinating, you will be relying on getting massive amount of combo points. For each finisher you get, you get a 10% damage boost to all of your specials. So, lets say you have a poisoned target and you toss a kidney shot...then you slip behind for a mutilate...thats a 60% damage boost from that alone.

If you are in a group situation, you can find a nice lil combo cycle (3-5-5 or 3-4-5) and be able to keep Find weakness up for the length of the fight.

Now, if you were intending this to be a PvP build, there I would also suggest considering MoD and Serrated blades in the Sub tree. Setup and ghostly strike, while okey some of the time, will end up not being used as much if you are attacking from behind (even in a solo situation, you should be getting behind).
So something like this?
Keep in mind my rogue has never been past 20 or so. My highest was a 33 hunter.
Yar, thats a bit closer, but also don't forget your Opportunity too. Sacrificing Opp for MoD is a hard choice, what I would recommend is either drop the the Imp Ambush or initiative

If you are running mutilate, my opinion of the three most important talents are as follows.

Find Weakness: so you can always keep extra damage pumping

Imp or Vile poisons: It depends on which side you are going to work on, but generally always okey to have Vile

Duel Wield Specilzation/Opportunity: Both of these effect your mutilate damage, but have different effects on the playstyle.
Here are the two mutilate builds i've been bouncing between

Mut/Combat (better Raid DPS)

mut/sub(Better instance build/pvp)
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