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Full Version: Warlock Mods
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I am wondering what mods the other warlock folks use and find useful? Specifically if there is anything that can keep track of soul stones and time remaining on them.

But really anything you all find very useful.
Necrosis! *nodnodnod* It's on Curse Gaming, it saves you a ton of bar space, has nifty features and is just.. lovely. You might want to go with Necrosis 2 however, the original (LTD) is no longer being updated and hasn't for awhile.. and while NecrosisLTD still works for me on Vyth, you never know?

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That looks great Sound! I will download and install it when I get home and give it a whirl.



dotimer is a good one for keeping track of the dots you've got spread around on multiple enemies.
Just 2 questions about Necrosis;

1. Can you move the interface so that it is on either the right or left side and not in the middle of the game window?

2. Can you edit the text files so you get to say what you want?
I don't know about the text files, but if you right click on the necrosis thing you will get a big menu to pop up. when this is open you can move it anywhere you like and resize it and do a whole bunch of other stuff. I LOVE this mod.
Cloudjumper Wrote:2. Can you edit the text files so you get to say what you want?
Open up the Speech file in the Necrosis folder, and open up the the English package with a text editor. As long as everything fits the code, you will be able to edit the text speech to say anything. Big Grin