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Full Version: PvP Spec's
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Hey i'd like to get some of your guy's input on PvP talents.

this is my current raiding spec.


now i'd like to go some what Resto for the arenas. I even have mostly decent healing gear. (850ish unbuffed healing w/o any points in resto Tongue)

this spec i was thinking of just Out right toughness/longivity

and here is another spec i was thinking about. Combining some of the best parts of the ele/resto tree's
but please keep in mind i have next no + damage gear.

Tell me what you think! and if you have another spec Please Post it.
Which arena bracket?

I use +damage gear for 2v2 Arena with Jivundus (who goes Arms). Going +healing is likely the way to go for larger groups, but in smaller groups you need to be able to do damage as well as heal. The advantage of higher +healing isn't worth the trade off of +0 damage, imo.

If you're going to be doing 5v5, then going full healing is probably smart, but for smaller brackets, it seems like it'd be tough. In 2v2, I almost invariably get focus-fired, and have to outlast that, then help Jiv blast people down.

The spec I use is:


So for my 2v2 I should most likely stay my enhancement self, seeing that i have maybe 150-200 +spell dmg gear). As I can get amazing burst dmg, even if it is luck. In my 2v2 it's a war and my self. And my 3v3 it's a feral druid and that same war. Both are really good players and we win 50%-60%. Overwhelming dps is a plus. (remembers when a 3 man priest team ripped us apart.) oh well.
Well, for whatever it's worth, when Jiv and I were warrior/enhance, we did alright, but not very good. With me as resto, we do much, much, much better. They try to burst me down, he hacks them up, and then I help mop them up. You're geared to the eyeballs for enhance though, so might work out alright Wink