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Full Version: Offy tanky fury buildy (for the offtank/fury hybrid)
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For the helpful fury warrior

Okay, so for the offtank/fury build you use the same fury tree talents, but instead of taking the arms talents all the way up, you only put 4 into that tree, 4 into deflection. The other 13 points go into the protection tree.

*NOTE* There are many variations of this, this is just my suggested one.

In the protection tree you want tactical mastery 3/3, and Defiance 3/3. the other talents sort of depend on your gear. effectively in you protection gear you need 490 defense. if you can do this without the 20 points from anticipation then I'd recommend 2/5 for it, otherwise go for the full 5/5. If you go 5/5 in anticipation, do 2/5 in toughness. this extra armor is more important than shield specialization, so don't take that. If you have enough defense to go 2/5 in anticipation, go 5/5 in toughness. As for what you use instead of shield slam and devastate, you will be using bloodthirst, sunder armor and revenge, and rage permitting, heroic strike.

With this build you will be able to offtank fairly well with good threat generation and not lose too much on the dps side. You can't really multi-tank well in this build however, so keep that in mind. this is for offtanking trash only and dpsing the rest of the time.

Tanking Gear

Okay, so your run of the mill tanking gear is fine, but what you want is optimal performance right? So, with this build you want strength and agility too. Don't gem for it though, always gem for stamina as much as possible. But there are a few gear choices you can make that will make you a threat machine even without shieldslam.
Many of these are from heroic dungeons and so are somewhat accessible.

[item]Spaulders of Dementia[/item] from Heroic Sethekk Halls
[item]Amber Bands of the Aggressor[/item] from Heroic Steam Vaults
[item]Lion's Heart Girdle[/item] from Heroic Ramparts
[item]Eaglecrest Warboots[/item] from Heroic Blood Furnace
[item]Gauntlets of Dissension[/item] from Heroic Botanica

If you have access to t4 gear, that works even better, but these are quite nice for some good threat generation with bloodthirst tanking, and some even can be worn with a full set of t4. These are, in my opinion, more accessible than t4 as well and there are some good blue drops and epic gems that can be had from the same heroic dungeons.
I chose to include these and not pvp gear because although pvp gear will make you uncritable, that is all it does besides give you good armor and hp. you will have no avoidance, just comparable mitigation and a bit more hp. Besides, pvping for pve gear is not fun, and to really get the most out of it you have to switch spec's every week, which can be quite costly.