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Full Version: Dreadsteed Quest
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I have started my quest for Dergash's Dreadsteed, but I can't find any clear information on which parts of the quest I have to complete, and which parts I an "borrow" from another warlock.

Anyone able to shed some light on this for me?
Here's an awesome guide for all of it: <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->

Stolen from WoWWiki:

The final materials list is as follows:
* 3 [Shadowy Potion] (6 gold)
* [Xorothian Stardust] (150 gold)
* [J'eevee's Jar] (150 gold) (Reusable)
* [Black Lodestone] (50 gold ) (Reusable)
* [Xorothian Glyphs] (50 gold) (Reusable)
* 2 [Elixir of Shadow Power] (Alchemist) (= 6 [Ghost Mushroom] + 2 [Crystal Vial])
* 6 [Large Brilliant Shard] (Enchanter)
* 25 [Dark Iron Ore] (Miner)
* 3 [Black Dragonscale] (Skinner)
* 1 [Arcanite Bar] (Alchemist) (= 1 [Arcane Crystal] + 1 [Thorium Bar])

The bits that have the bold reusable after them are the ones you can bring another Warlock along with you to use. For those in the tribe, I know Damo has them.. I'm unsure of anyone else however.


I have the mats as well and as a Warlock that waited far too long to get my mount, I'll be glad to assist.