The Ironsong Tribe

Full Version: Zuel's first moot
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As som of jas may know, mi went to da moot last thursda. Ja also may no, dat de one known as Gornax wa created by miself, cause mi was not able to leave mi city, o prision, wha evea ja want to calls it. Dat troll was mi eyes fo dat moot, n will continue to be mi eyes until mi finds a way to get outa dis place.

But aside from dat, mi have to say, de moot was great. Ja showed me dat even in da mists o such madness, dat der can still be time to be which yo friends. Know dis Ironsong membas. Even do I may not be der in full flesh n blood, but mi shade is at ja servases.

If ja be needed him fo sometin, hes will let me know n he shall be a ja command. Mi hope dat he be allowed to go to mo of ja moots n any oda Ironsong event dat may occur dat ja deem mi shade wordy of goin to. Mis hope dat mi came see all of ja in da flesh, but until dat day, mi wishes ja all de best o luck with findin ja lost Wacheif, n mis will help in all mis can.