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Full Version: The Art of Nuking (Demonology/Destruction Guide)
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Hi, local warlock Tetsumis here, and your Demonology/Destruction RCSL. If you need to contact me ingame, I can be on: Jivundus, Rajana, Tetsumis, Tabraus, Venorasha(Not in IST), and Juyanita.

So you've decided to embrace the power of the Shadowbolt(Or that Incinerate thing..) eh? Well you've chosen wisely, there is no other greater source of damage as a warlock as nuking the heck outta your target! (Okay, Affliction compares, but c'mon, lots of small DoTs? pfflt!) If you seek the ability to simply nuke anything that stands in your way, Demonology/Destruction are the right choice, no matter which way you focus on.

Alright, before I go into either specs, few things that should be cleared that will apply to any spec of this type.
Spell Hit- The most important stat you can have with a nuking build, if you plan to be raiding(Which I assume you are if your reading this) you want 202 Spell Hit Rating, equaling to 16%. Because this is not an Affliction based build, Supression will not help us in any way, Destruction spells being unaffected by it. What this means is that you will want to get over 80 Spell Hit Rating before seriously trying these builds out. It can work before then, mind you, but on bosses you will be dealing with a lot of resists. The more you have up to 202 Rating, the better off you will be. For trash mobs you will not need more than roughly 64 Spell Hit Rating, or 5% Spell Hit. As a further note, if you are able to be grouped with an elemental shaman that uses a Totem of Wrath, you will only need 164 Spell Hit Rating(Or 13%) for bosses.
Spell Crit- Spell crit as either spec is mostly about keeping up Improved Shadow Bolt, unless you decide to go the fire route. You want about 15-20% crit with Destruction for either builds to shine. Both will add to your crit by a lot however and it is not hard to do.
Pets- The biggest crutch of all these specs is that to shine their best, you can rarely have the imp out for Blood Pact. If you are using a heavy Demonology build, you will want to either have the Succubus out, or the Felguard for the big bonus of Demonic Knowledge. Heavy Destruction builds on the other hand will want to Sacrifice their pet for the different effects, either +dmg to a desired type or utility. However Demonology does have the advantage of being able use different pets depending on the situation.(If you are having threat issues, go ahead and get the imp out, he'll reduce your threat. Need Resistance to spell schools? Get the Felhunter. Succubus is good for seducing in 5-mans. Ect) However the fact remains that if a raid group is requiring the imp, your DPS will likely suffer for it with any of these builds.

Alright, now that those disclaimers are out of the way, on to the builds.
Standard Felguard 41/21-Points can be removed from Destructive Reach or Intensity in favor of Demonic Resilience to help keep your Felguard alive if needed, however I prefer DR and Intensity.
Ruin with a Sucubbus 40/21-Same idea as the above, however you trade the Felguard for Ruin, and use a Succubus to get the best possible damage. Not much wiggle room on this one.

Pure Shadow Bolt Based Build 0/21/40 Considered the purest highest DPS based build because it uses Shadow Bolts, but does not offer any flexibility with lack of fire talents. It does however contain Nether Protection and Soul Reach which can both be very strong talents, which none of the other builds do.
Pure Incinerate(Fire) Based Build 0/21/40 While Incinerate does not scale like Shadow Bolt does without anything like ISB(Improved Shadow Bolt) it can still be a viable option, good to sync with a Imp. Scorch stacking fire mage and your own CoE.
Hybrid Shadow Bolt or Incinerate Based Build 0/21/40 A good hybrid that can support either Shadow or Fire depending on the situation.
Alright, now for those Warlock Enchants!
Head- [item]Glyph of Power[/item] Best choice out there for a DPS caster
Shoulders- Respective Aldor or Scryer Inscriptions.
Cloak- [item]Enchant Cloak - Subtlety[/item] Only real choice for a DPS caster and not a very important one, can help with threat issues slightly but not really worth using unless you've got an epic cloak.
Chest- [item]Enchant Chest - Exceptional Health[/item] or [item]Enchant Chest - Exceptional Stats[/item]. I prefer the Health myself, but Stats offers a good balance of both health and mana. Either one will work.
Wrists- [item]Enchant Bracer - Spellpower[/item] or [item]Enchant Bracer - Fortitude[/item]. Spellpower is the better of the two enchants, however it is expensive. Fortitude provides a good substitute. But if you cant find someone to do either, [item]Enchant Bracer - Stats[/item] will work as well.
Gloves- [item]Enchant Gloves - Major Spellpower[/item], [item]Enchant Gloves - Spell Strike[/item], [item]Enchant Gloves - Blasting[/item]. All three are good enchants, with Spellpower being the most expensive and Blasting the cheapest. Spell Strike are your best bet untill you are hit capped, then it is Spellpower. Blasting for on the cheap.
Legs- [item]Runic Spellthread[/item] or [item]Mystic Spellthread[/item]. Same idea, one costs more and has more damage, the other is cheaper.
Boots- [item]Enchant Boots - Boar's Speed[/item] [item]Enchant Boots - Fortitude[/item] [item]Heavy Knothide Armor Kit[/item] Boar's Speed or Fortitude would be the choice enchant, depending if you want abit more Stamina or Run Speed. A Knothide Kit can also be useful for on the cheap/Cant find an enchanter.

Weapons- There's three choices here, depending on cost or spec.
[item]Enchant Weapon - Soulfrost[/item] Best for Pure Shadow. Expensive.
[item]Enchant Weapon - Sunfire[/item] Best for Pure Fire. Expensive.
[item]Enchant Weapon - Major Spellpower[/item] My favoite, provides a good middle ground for both schools of magic. Cheapest of the three to boot.
All color recommendations assume compliance for the socket bonus, if this is not the case then you should gem for either red or yellow types of gems primarily.
:Green Gems:
Before hit capped-
Red: [item]Veiled Flame Spessarite[/item]
Yellow: [item]Great Golden Draenite[/item] or [item]Veiled Flame Spessarite[/item]
Blue: [item]Glowing Shadow Draenite[/item]
After hit capped-
Red and Yellow: [item]Runed Blood Garnet[/item] or [item]Potent Flame Spessarite[/item]
Blue: [item]Glowing Shadow Draenite[/item]

:Blue Gems:
Before hit capped-
Red: [item]Veiled Noble Topaz[/item]
Yellow: [item]Great Dawnstone[/item] or [item]Veiled Noble Topaz[/item]
Blue: [item]Glowing Nightseye[/item]
After hit capped-
Red and Yellow: [item]Runed Living Ruby[/item] or [item]Potent Noble Topaz[/item]
Blue: [item]Glowing Nightseye[/item]