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Full Version: a second priest
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Has anyone else been tempted to (or actually followed through) leveling a second priest on the same server. I love the possibilities RP with my spec, but lurking and reading the experiences of my fellow priests makes me cringe. Constant respecs, dissing in groups for not being a certain spec and wanted to respec, etc. Is it worth it for me to lvl a second priest to not only have some RP fun with, but be able to switch between thanuist and this new one depending on what is needed?

Or would it perhaps be better to lvl another class that can heal and switch between those? Really not too into that when I look at other class healing options, but meh.

I love thanu, I love the RP aspect of the priest specs, but I also want to be able to take on what's needed in groups.
If it helps any, that's actually why I leveled up a second shaman. Both for RP and gameplay purposes, I had no intentions of ever speccing Kretol from enhancement. However, I knew full well that in *cough* some cases, a resto shaman just may be better to have on hand! But, then again, I also was leveling said resto shaman on my second account, and duoed him with my arms warrior to level them up at the same time. Wink

I'm not a priest, but I can tell you it's certainly not a bad idea.
No. There's lots of classes that can heal, only one class that's Shadow Wink A competent shadow priest is very good to have around.


Haha, well, I have no intention of hanging Thanu out to dry, but I also know that I get very unhappy when I want to play and no one seems to want a shadow priest. Being able to say "hold on, I brb yo!" and hop on another priest is... empowering Big Grin. I love shadow priests, and I think that I'm fairly good at what I do and have every desire to get better. However, I also enjoy the healing aspect of the class, but shudder at the though of constant respecs (not that I think IST would pressure me, I would just feel like I had to from wow in general)
In my shouldnt have to...

Shadow Priest = DPS, and Free Health and Mana for everyone. Couldnt get any better than that, they are the perfect complement to a healer/party in my eyes.

And you dont need to be a healing class to RP a priest. I wouldnt waste my time personally but its up to you!

Maybe you like priests that much and just want another. Cant argue with that.


Logros Wrote:only one class that's Shadow Wink

Hey Locks can be shadow speced too >.>. anyways I find it kinda boreing to level the same class 2 times. I would suggest trying out other healing classes it's kinda fun to see how different classes can fill the same role. I like healing with my shammy but I find it very boreing to heal as a priest. (I just like shadow alot better >.>)


I wouldn't mind leveling one up a senocd time. It would certainly go much faster and have fewer bumps Big Grin. I've tried healing on my sister's resto druid, and that was certainly meh. I've leveled a shammy to 20, and realized that I hated totems. Pally was also pretty meh and on the occasions that I've played one.

And Eru, in a perfect world, no I wouldn't feel this way, but reality has tossed me a few less than favorable comments about my spec XD. I love shadow, but like I said, healing is fun too
Well, if you think you'll have fun doing both, go for it. Gearing up multiple characters can be quite challenging though, so if you're interested in raiding at all, you're much better off sticking with one character.
I've (lately, yet slowly) have been leveling up another Druid. She's DOOMKIN however and it's been a blast. :) I did it mostly because I adore the Druid class to bits, but also to get a better understanding of the balance tree (I could be crazy and get a third Druid for feral, but Sound's kitty set would be hard for me to quickly re-achieve). Yes, I could of just speced her balance, avoided this endeavor and been on my way, however gear wise that is the one tree she is /least/ equipped for (and I love her healing too much) and the Druid part of me wanted to tap into that aspect to better know it and my class. She's at a whopping, er, level 19 I think? And already I've learned a thing or two I could do differently with Sound. Sure, it may seem boring to some.. but going back and starting over can actually teach a few good lessons you may of accidentally missed along the way. I say go for it!