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Full Version: Leveling a Warrior
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I am wanting to know what is the best/fastest way to level a warrior?
Ultimately I want this warrior to be a main tank, not DPS. But leveling I suspect Fury is the best way to go.
Said warrior is Undead if that makes any difference.
Also any tips and tricks for warrior leveling would be appreciated.
I asked Kosath that very question with my warrior Garudo.

In a nutshell I pretty much got, Arms or Fury would be a good way to go. I am speccing Arms and its going much faster than when I had Juuna whom I specced Prot right from the start then later deleted to roll a Tauren Warrior.

As for speed, I would guess, quests and grind grind grind up until outland...then do standard 58-70 quests in outland.

Speaking from my personal experience and not knowledge.

This would be a Uber Prot Tank topic though, I would like to see what they have to say as well.
Leveling for me was a bit abnormal, as I did it as a protection warrior. I think the only way that worked was that I was always grouped with a warlock and shadow priest. I got the bonus experience of not only leveling as a tank, but also being able to practice tanking the entire time.

If you're always going to be grouped, I'd say it's a great way to go. If you're going to be solo most of the time, then absolutely, without a doubt, go fury or arms. Now within that choice, others could likely offer better advice.
For leveling solo, go fury with a big two hander until you can get Mortal Strike, then feel free to go arms, fury whatever. I leveled fury duel wielding, and it was painful. that 25% miss chance is killer. Fury has the best low tier talents and that is why it is best for leveling. And whatever you do, do not put talent points in imp rend. PLEASE! I beg you! it is not worth it.
Efluvious Wrote:...... And whatever you do, do not put talent points in imp rend. PLEASE! I beg you! it is not worth it.

I fail....
It's been a long while, but I did Fury with a 2h. Key thing is to use the best blue weapons you can for your level, and toss something like Fiery on them.

Getting tank experience is tough, and it's a job that really, really needs lots of practice. If you can stand being prot for 65+, I'd really recommend switching there and trying to level mostly with instances.


The absolute best advice i can give you:

Google "Jame's Horde Leveling Guide" and take a look at that. I never followed it to the letter, and i only played a couple times a week, so i had a fair bit of rested xp from time to time. It helps, a LOT. You don't need to do every quest out there, and the way it's laid out is to save you travel time as well as maximize level appropriate quests. Sometimes you have to do some zone hopping where you'll only do a few quests at a time (i prefer clearing out all the lower level ones then moving on to the next part of guide myself, then going back later).

Next, DO NOT skip the Azeroth zones. Do all the quests you feel comfortable doing solo, all the way through to Silithus. The only ones i didn't do with my warlock were dungeon quests or ones i knew were annoying.

When my warlock finished off his quests in Silithus, he was 62.5. Sure, you can GO to Outlands at 58, but that doesn't mean you should. A few extra levels makes the zones/quests easier, and you don't get an xp dropoff for the quests being green. My warlock is now 67, and he's only done Hellfire, Zangamarsh, and 1/3 of Terrokar (My goal is 70 in Nagrand, so that i have 3 zones worth of xp to gold conversion rewards).

Even if you don't play with a lost of rested xp, the changes they made to levelling post-20 make it a heck of a lot easier to do. I also recommend stockpiling completed quests. If you're halfway or so through a level, complete as many quests as you can and don't turn them in until you level. Bam, halfway through to the next level already. A typical xp reward will net you on average 4-6% of your level from 20-60.

That's my 2c!