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Full Version: Baelfire, Pyroacranist Master
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My name is Baelfire.

It is not the name my mother gave me, I was stripped of that at the Academy. It is the name I earned on graduation, along with the right to call myself an Elven Mage. Life at the Academy was harsh, bitter, goal oriented. On graduation I struck out to find my fortune in Azaroth, aimlessly wandering for some time, taking work as a mercenary here and there. It was there I found my calling. 'Hero', they called me. I prefer to think of it as big game hunting- I'm in it for the challenge. I am a Soldier of Fortune.

I've worked with the Tribe in the past- exploring Ulduaar, battling for glory in the Crusaders' Coliseum, even taking the fight to the Lich King himself in his Icecrown Citadel. Azaroth needs 'heroes', even the ones like me. I've always been a lone wolf for hire before, but this time it's different. This time the world is on the line, all of it. Azaroth needs me, please don't make me fight and die alone.

Enough preamble, on to your questions.

I am Crusader Baelfire, Ambasador of the Horde. I am a Blood Elven Mage of the highest level. In my spare time I knit, cook, clean, and fish. I also enchant trinkets, mostly for myself. I am at this point the only member of Solder of Fortune, the mercenary company I founded. I enjoy long walks on the beach, roasting marshmallows, and having the best gear available. I have several life long friends that are members of the Tribe, and I want to continue to work with them through these new woes of Azaroth. Current goals include the decimation of the Blackwing Dragonflight (and affiliates), and putting portals to good use in becoming a great archeologist (who knows what buried treasure I'll find!).

I look forward to working with you again.
Greetings Baelfire. We would like to extend an invitation to join one of our weekly moots. They are every Thursday at 6pm Orgirmmar time (( though this thursday's might have a small crowd due to the holidays )). Also, is there anyone in this tribe who could sponsor you and vouch for your deeds?
Ah yes Bagelfire. I remember that name. Always quick with the pastries he was.

((Isn't he already in IST, at least on an alt?))


Noodlemortis Wrote:Ah yes Bagelfire. I remember that name. Always quick with the pastries he was.

((Isn't he already in IST, at least on an alt?))

(I thought he was also... Huh.)

(Currently my raiding toons that know him are out of guild or unconscious, but yes, he is a solid raider, reliable, and talented. - Player of Phoronid/Tursiops)
Baelfire has lent me a hand on many occasions for his fair share of the glory and the loot. A more talented mage you will not find. I've pushed for him to join us in more than just spirit on numerous occasions, it is a shame that it took the world breaking to bring him to this decision.

I will sponsor him and see to it that he presents himself before the Tribe.
((For those wondering, Baelfire never had joined the IST, keeping the <Soldier of Fortune> tag for IC reasons (having gone untagged for even longer). While ooc I want to keep the Soldier of Fortune tag alive, it seems unrealistic given guild leveling for me to try to raid without being a member of IST. I look forward to grouping with all the old faces again.

As for moot, sadly I work Thursday evenings at the moment, and won't be able to attend for the foreseeable future. Maybe there is another time I could be reintroduced to the Tribe?))
(( we will see what we can do Smile ))