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Full Version: Ironsong Raiding Philosophy
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The officers of Ironsong are often asked what our philosophy on raiding is. It's a good question, because we are an unusual guild -- we're a role-playing, community-oriented guild that nevertheless enjoys raiding. After much discussion, the officers have composed the following statement of Ironsong's raiding philosophy:

Ironsong Statement of Raiding Philosophy

Ironsong is a family-oriented, role-playing guild that likes to raid in order to build community and see new content. Ironsong will therefore support, organize, and lead raids. However, Ironsong is not a raiding guild. This means that we will not use the guild structure to enforce performance or attendance.

The top priority of Ironsong-led raiding is inclusion, which means admitting as many members who want to raid as possible, and bringing new players into the raid. Our second priority is to allow our players to see as much content as we can, which means progression into more difficult content.

Satisfying both of these goals means that sometimes we ask for the patience and support of our members towards guildmates who are new or less experienced, and for our members to make a serious effort to fulfill the role they need to play in a raid.