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Full Version: Patch 3.0.2 and us
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So, Beast Mastery seems to have won a lot of converts. If anyone played their hunter a lot in PTR testing out the news pet talents (which I'm loving!), I hope they can answer a question for me.

The Ferocity family tree has the pet talent "Heart of the Phoenix," which allows the pet to rez after dying. Does this talent have to be on the pet's action bar to function? The only reason I am asking is I was testing out a tamed wasp last night, and it had "Lick Your Wounds" as a talent, but it wasn't on the Action Bar. It used that ability without being commanded by myself.
If you open up your pets spell book, you will notice that some abilities in there have the little swirly thing going around the icon, I think those go off regardless of whether or not you tell em to do it. You can right click it to stop the swirly, same with cower, since I find that ability to be stupid while soloing and it wastes focus.

I have a feeling someone will come up with an addon to give us more pet buttons on our UI. Since four isn't enough anymore.