The Ironsong Tribe

Full Version: "The Battle-Song."
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Lady Shandris sat in her library looking through the various battle-songs of the Sin'dorei and noted that the Ironsong tribe didn't seem to have one, Which seemed strange to her considering the orcs seemed fond of battle-songs and other rites to prepare for bloodshed. So she went to her scroll rack and procured a blank scroll went over to her desk and began writeing. She started off with a small piece of insperation that had once struck her in the midst of battle in the caverns of Serpentshrine and continued writeing as the words flowed out of her hand onto the peice of parchment. After a few minutes she set down the peice of paper and examined it, satisfied she began singing in a voice that carried on the wind and rang through the minds of those for a mile around her.

"Our arrows, our blades, our spells sing true,
So despair for Ironsong shall bring death unto you,

We've conquered Men, Dragons, and Beasts before,
Defeated the minions of death and creatures of the depths,

Our leader oft-say "Sing True!" And so we do,
With Shadow, Fire, and Light,
With Arrow, Ice, and Arcane,
With Lightning, Blade, and Claw,
Tis the death we bring that tis their bane,

I sing this song to remind you,
That the Ironsongs strength is true,
So once more I say before I'm through,
That our arrows, our blades, and our spells sing true!"

((Really this song was just forming in my head tonight so I decided to share it.))
This is a wonderful song.
I hope you will honor us by singing it at the moot this coming week.

*begins to sing along in harmony*



(( I'd love to sing it at the next moot I can make it to but who knows when that will be considering I work nights.))