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Full Version: PvP Warrior Guide - As of patch 3.0.2
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NOTE: This is not done. Only got a bit of it done. more will come later.

So, I am making this guide as a way to help warriors who may be interested in PvP.

One thing I have learned is, that as a warrior, there are a lot of things to look out for and others that you will have to rely on. You have no magic and cannot heal yourself unless you have health pots. These can be useful when used at the right time. You will mainly have to rely on others for healing and anything that impairs your movement will be a great hindrance to you.

Please keep in mind that I am not the best PvP warrior out there and never will be. The best way to learn and to become better is to take the advice of those who've had more experience than you. I am still doing so and improving slowly but surely.

~The Path of Arms~

The best spec design for PvPing is, by far, the Arms tree. This tree has Mortal Strike (reduces all healing effects on the target by 50%) and Sweeping strikes which hits all nearby enemies for damage over your next 10 attacks. It also now carries the dreaded Bladestorm which is pretty much a six second whirlwind in which you can move to hit others. You cannot be stunned or feared while you use this, but enemy players will see you and will most likely try to kill you off as soon as possible. If you have a high crit rating, this can do a lot of damage to a lot of enemy players around you. Unless you are getting some good heals, you most likely will not survive an enemy player onslaught.

As an Arms warrior, you will also be sacrificing Stamina and higher armor/defense ratings for increased strength and crit. Hit rating is also really something you should look into improving. The higher these stats are, the easier of a time you will have. It's also largely based on skill. Playing a warrior successfully in PvP is by no means an easy feat. It requires a lot of practice, a lot of studying and a lot of patience. You will also find yourself going through a lot of nerdrage when you seem to die so much. Wink

Having a macro that toggles your two-hander/Berserker stance and a shield/one handed weapon/Defensive stance is good since you can use spell reflect, disarm and Shield Wall. Since the new patch, Shield Wall, Recklessness and Retaliation no longer share CD times. By the way, I usually stick to Berserker stance for PvP, but a lot of people also like staying with Battle stance. Your damage output is more in Zerker but you also TAKE more damage, so it really depends on how comfortable you are with the two.

Please read this Warrior PvP guide on how to fight the various classes. I will not go over all of these here (the guide is very helpful) but I will at least mention your worst enemies, in my experience.

The Paladin and the Rogue.


Paladins can now make very quick work of anything they run into. And since you're a warrior, they have some very nice ways of stopping you and making you a very angry player. The Paladin's Repentance now lasts 1 minute instead of its old 6 seconds (though it breaks if you take any damage), and Hammer of Justice is commonly seen here (this does not break even if you take damage and lasts 6 seconds). The PvP trinket will break both of these. But if anything, use it to break HoJ and not Repentance since a Paladin can just wail on you while HoJ is down. The same can't be said for Repentance.

Most Paladins you run into in PvP will be Ret, even though Holy ones have been showing up more. These guys will mostly just stay off to the side and heal instead of ruthlessly throwing themselves into the fray. You're Mortal Strike can work wonders if the Paladin doesn't have a shield on. Always wait for a Pally to throw up the shield before doing too much. Their Forbearance (the debuff that makes it so that can't use shields) now lasts 3 minutes instead of the old 1 minute. Their shields can also clean themselves of Mortal Strike, so always save it for when the shield is gone.

Paladins both can and cannot attack when shielded. One type of shield (Hand of Protection) will make it so they can't attack physically, but they can still use judgments, consecration, and stunning effects. They will usually toss these around to stop you from gaining rage in battle and take that time to heal. You should try to get out of range as soon as a bubble goes up and bandage yourself or use a health pot if your HP is still relatively high. The other type of shield (Divine Protection) will reduce all damage taken by 50% but will increase time between their attacks by 100%. With the average two-handed weapon (I'm speaking in the belief that you are fighting a Retadin) the normal hit time is 3.50 seconds. This means it will take the paladin 7 seconds to even hit you physically once. This means they can only hit you perhaps twice at most, unless they have a high haste rating. The last shield (Divine Shield) entirely protect the paladin, but once again increases time by 100%. If you can see what shield they have on, its best to run and bandage when they have HoP or Divine Shield. When they have on Divine Protection, if your HP is running low run and bandage. If you're still pretty good in that area, attack regardless. This helps to interrupt heals and 50% damage is better than none.

Paladins will also throw down consecrate, even when they fight you alone. The best thing to do here is to back-up out of it. The Paladin will try to keep you inside the AoE and when you leave, they will try to lure you back by throwing out a judgment or they will keep you in place by using Hammer of Justice. The best thing to do here is to trinket out or hope HoJ is on CD when they throw down the consecrate. If you back far enough away, your Intercept ability should become available as long as you have the rage. That's your chance to rush in and attack. By the time you back far enough away, the consecrate time should be nearly finished and you'll take a lot less damage. Intercept is also a great way to interrupt heals if a bubble is wearing off.

Next thing to note, Hammer of Wrath. The new patch made it so that HoW is now doing anywhere from 2-3.5k damage and can be used at 35% HP instead of the old 20% HP. If the battle is getting desperate and both you and the paladin have red, flashing portraits, switch to Defensive stance (with that cool shield/one-hander macro) and throw up Shield Wall. All damage is reduced by 75% when this goes out and HoW will only end up doing 800-1.5k damage instead. This should not be hard of a hit and you can try to use Execute to finish them off.

And one more thing to remember, Lay on Hands! This heals the paladin for full HP and restores 500 (or more, I'm not sure) of their mana. This is only used in desperate situations and the CD has been reduced to 20 minutes instead of the old 1 hour. When a paladin has no other options and is desperatly low on health they will try to use LoH. It's instant cast and cannot be interrupted. The best way to fight this is by watching to see if the paladin starts to use a normal healing spell when they get low on health. Interrupt this with a Pummel and finish them off since all their Holy spells will be down for six seconds.

Keep all this in mind and try your best!

~The Rogue~

Will be writing this later.