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Full Version: For Blood Elves....
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Quote:The Sunwell restored
It appears the Sunwell's powers were depleted after Anveena sacrificed herself to prevent Kil'jaeden from entering Azeroth. However, Velen appears shortly thereafter and uses the naaru M'uru's "spark" to reignite the Sunwell, explaining:

"In time, the light and hope within will rebirth more than this mere fount of power. Mayhap, they will rebirth the soul of a nation."

This strongly indicates that the Sunwell has indeed been restored using M'uru's energies, returning the blood elves' "fount of power." The Sunwell's new energies are possibly derived from M'uru's powers of the Light rather than arcane magic.

I got this from This is not definitive and not something players should use as fact...however I thought this interesting to read.