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1 AP_____1.0000__1.0000__1.0000
DPS TOTAL3114.42_3278.62_3152.79
What is this supposed to be showing?
how much each stat is worth with a certain spec.

so 1 attack power(AP) is worth 1 across the board.
1 point of strength (STR) is worth slightly more for blood spec and slightly less for frost, but over all is our most valuable stat if you are hit capped. This is because it scales with talents and with buffs where attack power doesn't. It is also very valuable for Death Knight tanks as we get a passive parry bonus from a strength percentage.

Basically what this type of table shows is what stats are good for you compared to other stats. For instance, Armor Penetration (APR) is worth 1/2 of a point of attack power for an unholy spec, but about the same as 1 attack power as blood. Haste across the board is our most useless stat, as is armor pen for unholy and frost.

It also shows that any of the three trees does comparable dps if the dps talents are taken and that tree is geared a certain way(they don't all gear quite the same, which is why the table is nice: it shows what each stat is worth).
This also doesn't show the required 540 defense needed to become uncrittable.
Is there a table like this for tanking? I can never seem to find one.
Yar, this is only a point worth dps chart. Tanking is a little harder, because it is more dynamic. We want avoidance, mitigation AND threat. Because of this, there's no real chart for worth per se, because that fluctuates depending on many factors, ranging from a certain boss or trash, to other players (like healing or how much dps your group has, how long a fight will be, and even how fast attacks will be incoming).

For tanking stats, you just have to get a feel for it, and balance it. You may have several tanking sets even, one that maximizes stamina, or avoidance, and resistance sets. And a nice balance set too.
Not looking for a point chart, but I'd like to see a really basic mechanics breakdown- i.e. 1pt of strength = so much parry, defense and hit caps, amount of threat generated by D&D, all that sort of thing. Other than what's actually on your stat sheet in game. If anyone comes across something along those lines, let me know!