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Full Version: Orc rp guide from WoWWiki
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If anyone is interested i found this on WoWWiki As if it couldn't be more obvious, it's a guide to RPing an orc. Not sure how useful it would be for anyone else but i think it's kinda interesting.....
I have no clue how the heck I've missed that page after all this time, but that is AWESOME! Big Grin Big Grin Big Grin
Was there really a clan called "Flowepicker"?

Also, I wish I could find one of those for trolls. And Blood Elves. I know these things already, but it's fun to read.


Hey! Me likey!
Quote:Orcish Warlocks are looked upon as lower then dirt; they are the ones who handed over their race into corruption. If you roll an orc Warlock expect to be treated badly by other orcs.

Wow...feel thankful that The Ironsong Tribe does not have this mentality....*coughs*Dergash*/cough*.


Eruadan Wrote:Wow...feel thankful that The Ironsong Tribe does not have this mentality....*coughs*Dergash*/cough*.

But... he's so sexxxxy!
Oh come now, I didnt intend for this to turn into a "bash Dergash" thread. Quite intriguing reading that on WoWwiki though, thanks for sharing!
Quote:Usually when an orc has this attitude, they're big enough to back it up

See above. Smile


Kureei Wrote:Found the troll, blood elf, forsaken, tauren, and goblin ones on wowwiki if anyone's interested

I just read the Blood Elf can be a bit of a downer to your characters history so be warned when you read it. Just keep in mind that there are always exceptions and undocumented instances for every race...
The biggest problem with the blood elf guide is that they fail to mention our naturally fabulous hair. Such a glaring oversight makes me wary of the rest of the document.


There's naturally fabulous hair, and then there's naturally Noodlemortis hair.

I laughed at the troll one. Hard.