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Full Version: Advice from experts....
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I have recently become determined to level Garudo over Aruadan, who is in fact my Warrior. I have dabbled in all the trees with various specs while leveling and settled on Protection spec, which he is currently sitting with right now and I will most likely not respec him (except to move points around in the Protection tree). I have chosen this because I feel that tanking is somewhat a leadership role and I believe in taking chances and challenging yourself outside of your comfort zone.

I am in need of some advice from those who have leveled their warrior through Northrend. Not only that, I am in need of advice on HOW to tank, and what are important factors in tanking. Things like, single target tanking vs Multiple target tanking, skill rotations (if they exist for warriors), even rage management advice. I know I could seek guides on the internet, however over the years I have witnessed the abilities of Ironsong's main tanks and trust their knowledge and experience over those guides. They are incredible players and I wish to learn from them in an attempt to fulfill another role besides healing.

Even though Garudo is level 71, please feel free to critique his current talent spec and gear choices (He is also an Armorsmith). I am somewhat unfamiliar with which choices I should make when presented with several options for gear in regards to Stats/Ratings.

Thank you to those who reply! Big Grin
To tell you the truth Eru, the only way for me to tell you how to tank is to run an instance with you tanking. If you see me on, I will be glad to go through UK or Nexus and give you some pointers.

By the way, the only benefit to actually being a Blacksmith is two extra gem slots.


I remember quite a while ago Ironsong did something like tank training night, and it all sounded very helpful! Sadly, I never joined in because I figured I'd stick to my DPSing, but now I wish I had at least sat in on the lessons.