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the newest play from jadyn productions
this is my newest play and the tryouts will be on october 7th at 6 game time. we will me at the crossroads inn. i wish as many people will participate but i am not certian you will get a part. here is the script

Chars: father mother warlock son guard1 guard2 narrator hunter 5 stage bodies, 13 total

Jadyn: As time goes by millions of men and women fall in love but it doesn’t always go as planned. This is a story of just that a father whom is a troll and a mother who is a night elf. Our story begins here in the barrens.

Nar: As a young boy plays in the tall grasses of the barrens is being watched over by his father and his beastly companion _______. Frolicking, pretending as all horde do a shuffling in the tall grass. Unnoticed the boy is being prowled.

Boy: lalala, hey dad look I'm a hunter like you. BANG BANG

Father: /chuckle

Nar: the beast from the bushes attempts to strike the boy but his fathers pet gets to the beast first.

Father: SON. Are you hurt?

Son: ((cries)) I don’t know, I’m very scared.

Father: it looks to me that your ok, lets go home.

Nar: it looks as if they are ok but truly they are nowhere close.

Warlock: Hunter of Thrall turn and bare me my brothers insignia of the Burning Blade.

Nar: The boy’s father turns and slips his hand in his pocket and reveals a stone with the symbol of a blade on fire.

Father: are you the sibling of the man who once wore this rock with pride? If you have come for a fight you have come to die.

Warlock: yes and I have not only come for a fight but as well your head.

((Warlock summons an infernal))

Nar: as the boy stands there watching his own father murdered his stomach churns and his throat seems to close making it hard to breathe. He closes his eyes wishing it all away but when he opens his eyes his father on the ground. Tears flow from is eyes as he walks to his father’s dead body, the warlock turns and walks away. The boy as well turns and walks north to Ashenvale where his mother lived

Scene II
Nar: as the boy lies lifeless in the forest his mother is picking the herbs around him

Mother: son are you ok?

Boy: no mother.

Come with me son, we can find some herbs together.

Boy: ok mother.

Nar: as they walk through the forest finding herbs the boy’s mother tells him stories of his father.

Mother: this world is full of evil people and unfair rules. My people took me away from your father because of a rule.

Boy: what rule?

Mother: I am an elf and he is a troll. Our people forbid us to love. Hearing of his death hurt me as well. But sometimes you have to leave your past behind but sometimes it’s hard.

Nar: the two of them walk through the forest and pick liferoots peaceblooms and mageroyals. On their way back home they are stopped by a couple of sentinels.

Guard1: what are you doing with this boy?

Mother: he is my son

Guard2: but he has tusks

Mother: that is because he has troll blood in him

Guard2: he ate a troll

Mother: /sigh-no his father is a troll

Guard2: ooooh….

Guard1: I believe that is against the Darnassian law.

Mother: but his father is dead and there is nowhere left for him to live

Guard1: I am sorry but I am going to have to take him away from you

Boy: mother help me

Nar: the mother cries and begs the sentinels to not take him

Mother: please don’t take him, I will do anything you ask

Guard2: well there is always something I can use

((Guard2 notices the basket of herbs the mother is holding))

Guard2: you are an alchemist. I could use some elixirs.

Mother: oh of course

((Mother pulls a vial out from the bottom of the basket and mixes herbs to make elixirs))

Scene III

Nar: years pass and the boy grows older, he studies the skill of shamanism in the valley of wisdom in ogrimmar.

The boy travels from ogrimmar to his mothers house in Ashenvale through the barrens and stops to pick a few herbs

Boy: Wow fire bloom in the barrens

((Boy hears large explosion from the north))

Nar: the boy hurry home to see weather or not it came from there.

As he walks up to his home in ruins, the stench of death is everywhere


Warlock: Bwahahhaha

Nar: the boy rushes to where the devilish laugh came from. 5 bodies lie in a circle with his mother in it. Standing there the warlock and his/her devilish infernal that killed his father.

Boy: YOU! Warlock why do you do this?

Warlock: why? Because I am ______ of the burning blade this is what I do.

Boy: that name… you are the warlock that killed my father.

Warlock: I kill many men. I’m not sure who you are but I am sure I will kill you.

((Boy and warlock fight boy wins))

Nar: after witnessing his fathers death and found his mother dead by the warlock he has just slain. With their deaths avenged not only will his parent’s souls be free but his as well.
This is wonderful, Jadyn!

I am very excited that you are putting on another play. I think the parts in Ashenvale, with the young troll's mother can be planned through emotes...as well as the guards accosting them together. I think the play would work best if we could involve actual elves!

When it is performed, we should also bring someone along who will be the photographer, and have them document the entire performance. I think it may be difficult to get the audience to different places to watch all three parts. So even if they miss a part, it can be something they'll enjoy later.
This looks good Jadyn! ((Will bring Robn my warrior as extra or guard tryout))...might have a prob though...Oct 7 is a Friday and most of Tribe will prob be in Zulgurab...so might consider changing it to Thurs or Sat maybe.
Actually, Kosath, Shillatae and myself will be away this Friday. Though there are many others who go to Zul'Gurub, it may be more difficult to get a full raid. We certainly support the organization of a raid without us, but we've also considered the chance that there may not be a raid this Friday due to this.
i guess since all of you cant make it on friday i guess i will change it to uum thursday right after the moot we will meet at the crossroads =)
also i have figured out where each area is going to be and each area is close to a flightpath so it will be very easy to get everyone around
forgot to add one more thing if we are to use real elfs we will have to have a translator and omeone who is willing to do so that would be great... if you want to play the part as the mother come to the tryouts on your char and we will can make a night elf or something to play the part.. my brother might even tryout.
Dearest Jadyn...
I wanted so much to try out for the play but I was confused. I though the tryout was Friday and then you suddenly called for auditions and I was not prepared. I started to talk to you about it but then I thought you said you would reschedule so I left the island and then everyone was calling back for actors. I still am not sure if you cast the play already...though looking at the cast list there may be no place for an undead girl...lest I can find some potion that will make me appear elvish (*ick)

Whatever happens, please know that I support your creative ideas and will help thee any way I can and will surely attend if at all possible.

Sing True Ironsong!
well displaya the tryouts are going to be next monday not tommarow monday next monday
so displaya i hope you do come because i am looking forward to you trying out.
Dearest Jadyn,

Ye are so cute. Displaya? If Dispaya translates to "forever in despair" then what should displaya stand for? "forever on display?" (giggles)

-Lady DisPAYa
Sing True Ironsong!
well thats kinda embarising... i always thaught there was an l in your name... well i guess it could mean your a playa hehe im just kiddin hehe

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