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the Five and the Eight of Elementals
Hello folks...I've been having a bit of trouble finding these two cards. If you happen to find either of these, drop me a line and I will buy it off of you. Thanks much in advance!
Talk to Damoxian, and promise him your soul and he <might> show mercy upon you.
Vote Akora for MA!
I would like to say thanks again to Damoxian here for supplying me with the eight of Elementals.

Which leaves me back to where i'm at now....I still need to find a five of elementals, so if anyone happens to see one, I will pay top coin for it! Thanks much again!
Just bumping this yet again, I seem to have no luck at all...if someone spots this card anywhere... name your price, 50g is my max though please...thanks much folks.
Thanks, Diljabar and Neriath, for all your help yesterday. Thanks to you, I now have my deck! Thanks Very much!
Woots...grats on getting it hun!

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