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Hullo there! I'm still a relatively new face to Silver Hand and I don't really know very many people, so I figured I'd pop a hello here since I have heard nothing but love for the Ironsong and its friends. That and Horde is way cooler than Alliance still, but we all know that! Wink.

Ahem, anyway! My other reason for poking around here is that I would like to stir up some cross-faction RP of some sort. It's always been a concept that has facinated me but it's terribly lacking on my home server - part of the reason why I rolled a character here, for kind of a "fresh start" of sorts. There's a particular direction I would like to take my story here, or at least attempt to, and the Ironsong Tribe looks to be the best group to pry about.

That said, I wonder if it would be alright to start up an open RP style thread on your forums? If only to get the ball rolling.

~ D.
love's love in her blackest season.
I don't speak with much authority Wink but this sounds promising to me!

Can you give us any details of the story you are planning, or an idea of the events / interactions that you would like to see happen?

Also: *flaps her wings at you in a flutter of fellow priesty loff*
Aye, this sounds like an excellent idea. I would recommend the Salty Sailor forum, here:

Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."
I always enjoy Cross-Faction RP. Potential allies for you on the Alliance side would probably be Alahni lo Andu. They're some cool folks. They even let me join in on a tournament they were holding. Smile Only Horde there too.
Neat, thanks for the responses!

Quote:Can you give us any details of the story you are planning, or an idea of the events / interactions that you would like to see happen?

There's still a lot of ironing out I need to do, but the basic gist of it is that at some point, I'd like my baby Ebonfall here to give herself up to the Forsaken. Ascending Darkness made a very, very interesting post a while back on the realm forums about having taken humans captive or some such and pledging their alleigance to the Horde... My story here would probably end up in that same vein but to a slightly more extreme degree. Already have a little deader alt rolled for future use. Up to then, though, there's still a lot of little details to work out.

*rubs her eyes* I need to get back into the habit of writing. .____.
love's love in her blackest season.
Well dang, and here I was thinking I was one of the few interested in such a thing.
[Image: AWOeJWn.png]
I LOVE cross-faction RP!

*casts Hunter's Mark, and sics Meathook on the Human*

Am I doing it right? Wink

Seriously though, yes, by all means, come play with us!
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