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Greetings, fellow members of the Horde. I am Lhuurssa, Huntress in Thrall's service.

((Those of you that played EQ on the Prexus server may know of me as Hannorel; yeah, I'm playing a female character this time around...what of it? *grin*

Anywho, I figure a guild with such fine folks as Kretol and Pinto in it had to be worth looking into. I hope to make a guild moot sometime in the next few weeks. My current work hours don't allow it, but that will change starting next week.))
Throm'ka, Lhuurssa. It is good to see you stop by here, and my apologies for not responding sooner.
I believe you'd make a fine addition to the tribe, and hope you can get in contact with a few members to get to know more of us while in hunting parties or the like!

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