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raid stats 9-2
<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.lossendil.com/wws/?report=x3p115bh5ntry">http://www.lossendil.com/wws/?report=x3p115bh5ntry</a><!-- m -->

Note Eatmore's death in the first prince try: a crushing blow, a dodge, 2 crushing blows, a dodge, then 5 crushing blows in a row. In the last 6 seconds, took 15.5k damage, got a heal from sound/yaeth for around 6k total, then took annother 12k damage. My "spell failed: target dead" message actually occurred 0.3s before the "eatmore dies" line in my combat log, so it was a dang close thing. Considering his overall miss/dodge was at 53% and crushing blows are only a 15% chance, the fact that 6 out of 8 attacks hit, and all are crushes is amazingly low. I think the lesson here is "don't piss off the random number generator".

edit: I think I was out of range for one of Yaeth's deaths. Probably one of the reason's he died (although thats the one where saltin died first).
Dear Serous,

*sighs at*

Gioron Wrote:I think the lesson here is "don't piss off the random number generator".

Words to live by.

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