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RE: Ironsong Tribe Full Membership Form
prospective peon
1. Marung
2 I am a blood elf rouge
3. I was born in the lower tier of shattarath city and when i was young my parents left for silver moon city. As we were approaching the boarder of hellfire peninsula our convoy was attacked by some demons I barely escaped. my parents were not so lucky. I walked through the portal and for days after. finally I arrived in silver moon there i found that sneaking was fun i lived in the slums there until I was old enough to go into rouge training now i search for the same demons who attacked my convoy to seek my revenge.
4.i have always been sneaking even when no one is around a habit that was earned through training.
5. i marung have read and understand the code of conduct and will abide by it for as long as i remain.


1.This is the first guild i was in on this character.
2. A friendly guild that i can chat with as i am working on trade skills and a guild who i can help as well as they help me.
3. since before world of Warcraft was made i have played all but the original Warcraft.
4. I tend to play when i can get some time to myself and when I am off from school.
5. I tend to go off for long amounts of time during certain times and I might not talk when on if i am doing a big item build.

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