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leather working
Im sure im not alone but just wanted to let everyone know Im a Elemental leather worker. dont have much in the way of the uber high-end gear. I have the entire Stormshroud set and Im only missing the shoulders for the volcanic gear. so if you need anything let me know. I have almost every other leather working pattern that doesn't require faction.
First, well done on the Stormshroud set. Those shoulders are absurdly hard to get the pattern for. I've also been trying to get the Volcanic Shoulders pattern for a long, long time. I have yet to even see it. So good luck on that and let me know if you do get it.
i know the shoulders for the volcanic gear drops is LBRS but im not sure where the mobs are that drop it
Firebrand Legionnaires, I believe. I know there is at least one of them in the little alcove to the right of the path, right before you go up the ramp to Mother Smolderweb.
I, Windcallmer, have chosen Elemental Leather working as a profession. I am working on building my learned patterns. I do have the basics. I will try relay what patterns I have on my next post. Please let me know if anyone needs something made. I will gladly help..
I've also never seen the volcanic leather shoulders. To my understanding the only mob to drop them are the legionnaires in the spot just before the spider ramp in LBRS. I'd suggest maybe we can make some stealth runs, though I'm not sure how feasible it is to arrange considering the positioning of mobs, and their abilities in that area, but we can try! Anyone interested in taking a stab at it?
I've got the pattern (Thanks to Coranda) for the Volcanic Shoulders. Had it for a long time now. If you're looking to try to get it yourself... Good luck. I've never actually seen it drop, but LBRS is not my favorite place.
My Druid, Greyfith, is working on his Tribal Leatherworking quests now.
It is wonderful to see Tribemates helping each other! Congratulations on finding some of those very rare patterns!

Be sure to add yourselves to the complete Ironsong Tradeskill List as you learn new things that are sought after.
I would note that those Legionnaires are grouped with the Invokers, who have a chance to drop the Greater Fire Protection potion recipe, which is very valuable and extremely desireable for Molten Core raids! If a Tribe group wanted to attempt multiple clears of the alcove, I (or any other alchemist, I suspect), would be glad to help.

By dropping off the right-hand side of the platform shortly after entering the main chamber of LBRS, one can skip directly to the Hall of Extremely Dense Fiery Doom... which means that you're only a couple pulls away from this alcove. It should be possible to get to the alcove and clear it in about half an hour from entering LBRS.

((In fact, I've seen video of a hunter soloing this alcove, with very liberal use of Feign Death and pet charges to clear the hallway. But that's a bit excessive, and I don't recommend it!))

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