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hey all
Name is Neruk, gonna be attending your meeting this thursday to join the guild. This char is I concider an alt. I mostly hang out on alliance side with your allied guild The Order of Justice. Most prominant name in the guild I use is Alewen but amongst my other alts I have: Nilanius my warlock, Celenia my nightelf priestess, and Dragrin my new human rogue who is an ex-defias. Now for a bit about Neruk:

During the second war Neruk was a warlock of the Stormreaver Clan. In fact he was one of Gul'Dan's best pupils. When the tomb of sargeras was risen from the ocean Neruk was there and was amongst the chosen few to enter. However seeing the demons lash out at his comrades he got seperated and made his way back to the surface. By then Doomhammer's forces had arrived and to keep himself alive he was forced to go in hiding. He ended up finding one of the Stormreaver ships still intact and set sail back to Azeroth. There he hid from his own people and the alliance for many months after the fall of Blackrock Spire and the Dark Portal.

When the Dark Portal reopened and the homeworld clans poured through he saw the opportunity he needed to get out of Azeroth. But opting not to return home he instead traveled amongst their ranks to Alterac. It was there that he slipped off into hiding once again. Unfortunately shortly after the Dark Portal fell for the final time he was amongst the last orcs captured and placed in an internment camp. When thrall rescued the orcs from their depression Neruk went with the horde to Khalimdor. However still holding onto his warlock beliefs he hid amongst the new horde ranks not wanting to draw too much attention to himself. However when Mannoroth was finally destroyed and the demon curse lifted Neruk regained much of his former self before the curse. He started studying again the arts of shamanism and is now going through the trials. But as a scar left by the demon curse, his eyes still remain red to this day.

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