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buy my epic mount or wait for BC pvp mount?
reading up on BC pvp mounts, it looks like it only takes 30 tokens to get a pvp mount? i didn't read a whole lot as in if it's the same speed as an epic mount. But any thoughts to whether i should save my money or buy an epic which i'm ready to do right now standing in front of the riding trainer or wait for BC and pvp for a a few days to get 30 tokens?
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Which one do you want more?
The PvP mounts are the equivilant of the normal epic mounts, but they only come in black. Personally, I would be more concerned with the amount of effort required to get those 30 tokens since I don't imagine its going to be just that simple. But all in all, I'd say the PvP mount is a better option and is what I'll be shooting for at some point myself.

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I would go for the PvP mount, 30 tokens isnt that much. Plus theres a lot more you can you can get with tokens as well as arena rewards. Start saving tokens!

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