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basic training and AIT
So AIT is fun... not. i find myself getting more and more annoyed with people. 4 more weeks and im through, though. thank god. then its off to Ft LEwis, Washington. Since i've been here a lot of people have asked me what exactly i do besides clean up details, cleaning weapons, and sleeping.... so here are a few links to some videos of things i've gotten to use/fire.
This is the Mk 19 grenade launcher machine gun.... 375 rounds per minute.... accurate up to 2212m away on an area target.

M4... my weapon of choice.... semi auto or 3 round burst. so many wonderful attachments to go with it too... like the M203 grenade launcher.

more to come later. i need to get back to the company! Take care everyone!
[Image: 3994085VvROm.png]
Oh yeah, the MK-19 was one of my favorite guns in combat training. Carrying it back to the armory however was not so much fun.

Soon you will get back to the real world, and get to deal with whole new batch of morons. Such is life in the military.


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