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away July 19th
Just to let you all know if we do get extended into Sunday (which seems likely given our whole eye attending thing) I will not be around due to helping my brother with a little home renovation.
Alrighty, Damo.

So er.. any word on what's going in regards to a missing Dokcha and Eatmore this weekend?

With our extra DPS person we'll be good on that slot, but should I start looking for another tank (to fill E's spot) or another healer (to fill Zee's spot 'cause he'd be on Yaeth to offtank as best as he could)? Or has it been taken care of?
Dokcha should be back today, if I am not mistaken. Eatmore will not. Talked to Dai, he won't know for sure, for a while, told him we would hold his spot til 1ish, server time.
Merrina - Troll Huntress
Dannae - Troll Priestess
Aya'Tor - Orc Warlock
Zyndala - Blood Elf Mage
Zerrah - Forsaken Death Knight
Thanks for checkin' up on things, Dannae. :]

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