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1)Gorleck,First Sergeant.



4)My name is Gorleck,my story is as a child my father rased me and taught me the way of a shaman.My father was a great man and did not diserve what came next.Many years ago the dirty alliance raided my home town,my father told me to stay hidden untill it was over and to keep my mom safe.As the battle raged on the alliance found me and my mom and beat me till I was just barly able to keep myself consious and they slayed my mom right in front of me,soon after i fell unconsious.When I woke up I still had the grizzly image in my head,after my anger drifted into sadness i remembered my father.As I emearged from my hiding place what I saw crushed me.Bodies were everywhere,I saw my friends,family,and some unfamiliar faces,babies,women it didn`t matter all were killed.What i sawnext made me want to die,it was the crippled body of my father,still alive.I ran to him and cried at his side,I still remember what he said to me"Son...I`m not going to...make it....please don`t....cry...I need you to...go to the "cough"Valley of Trials....and train there....but...before you go....end my....suffering.....please."With a heart full of sadness and grief i said ok and struck him down knowing if i didn`t he would suffer even more.I made a blood oath that day that i would avenge my father at any costs.As i trained i grew stronger and smarter,i set off to avenge the spilled blood of my people.With every kill i grew stronger,but i always showed mercy to those whom needed some,as i knew my father would want me to.With the memory of what happened that day i will let no one stand in my way.I soon after was found in battle wit hmy friend Lucinther who told me about this guild and i now am hoping that with your help i can seek my revenge and finally find peace.

5)leatherworking,first aid,skinning,and fishing.

6)Dawn of War,Death Sindrome(what came after my first guild disbanded with the same guild leader),Gupajumonga(might not be proper spelling of the name),and Sorid Cell.

7)What drew me to the guild was my friend Lucinther,pvping with Lucinther and then training with him.

8)Facing the fact my father was dead.

9)I have 2,one is to kill the leader of the Night Elves,Dwarves,Gnomes,and Humans,and the other is to finally be withmy dad.

10)Killing those who took my mother and father.

11)Yes,and I agree.

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