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alliance race
so gamespy reports having seen footage of the yet unannounced alliance race. it's a large (think tauren sized) bluish creature with dangly tentacle-like-things from it's chin, and large hooved feet. they say they presume it's the uncorrupted draenei, which it could be.

there are also suggetions it's eredar. which makes no lore sense whatsoever, but fits with the description.

if it's the former, that's what i was presuming all along. if it's the latter... then i cancelled wow for a good reason, lore butchering.

i have been reading up on oblivion and i kinda' wish wow was that. a single player massive world. hope you all are enjoying wow!
I really wish there was a Oblivion-type game set in the world of Warcraft, with multiplayer capabilities, such as with Diablo II. That'd be great, IMO. Smile
Oblivion like Morrowind back in the day, would be -THE- best games if only it was online.. As it is though, its still near the best.
All my RP games have been gods-view like Fallout, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, etc. When Morrowind came along I couldn't play it - the first person just didn't work for me - nor did zooming out to third person. Something about the game juts rubbed me wrong, I felt like I had no direction. ( Sounds like real life! )

As for the race ... ummm ... mindflayers! <cackles>
I don't think that WoW has really butchered that much lore. It's based on games that weren't intensly lore-based to begin with, so that's probably why you feel somewhat disappointed with it. As for the new Alliance race question, I really dislike the rumor mill when it comes to upcoming releases with games. Such things often change with the tides within the company itself and compounded with the inherent unreliablity of third-party journalism it's really not worth paying attention to the buzz.

Efluvia Wrote:All my RP games have been gods-view like Fallout, Neverwinter Nights, Baldur's Gate, etc. When Morrowind came along I couldn't play it - the first person just didn't work for me - nor did zooming out to third person. Something about the game juts rubbed me wrong, I felt like I had no direction. ( Sounds like real life! )

Uh.... so now you play WoW?

Really, whatever changes might come along with this expansion are not going to affect my love for this game. The more and more you play a game the less and less fascination it holds for you, but it's the same thing with anything in life. We get bored with routine and redundancy.

But WoW is more than a game: it's a community. We have traditions and culture, friendships and kinships, and we have challenges and victories. Not just among the players themselves, but also among the developers. Haida, you are the perfect example of how we as players often feel a connection to the people who make the game. They develop the game in a way that keeps the vast majority happy, and you as a player see them as having a responsibilty to you to be included in that. The fact that they have more control over individual players on the gaming experience however, means little to how much control we as players have over the social and community experience of the game. I'll continue to love this game for the community no matter what the developers do.
Lore is a fickle thing. It does not take much for a creative person to mold lore to fit whatever they decided should happen in a given framework. The trick is to keep it from appearing that the lore has been molded. I think Blizzard has done a fine job taking a series of very fun RTS’s and creating enough lore to make RP-happy people like myself pleasantly buzzed. Sure, some of the lore is contrived (gnomes) and other parts are clichÃÂd (cataclysms) but for the most part, it is very solid.

Stomrcrow makes excellent points, and I see no need to add to them. But since I am of a pedantic nature, I’ll toss in a few thoughts of my own anyways. People who play WoW do not do so because of the quality of roleplay. The Ironsong Tribe has the best roleplaying I’ve seen in all my limited WoW experience, but I think the reason people come back is the community. It is the stories and the people that keep us coming here. This is nothing new. The measure of success for any of the the roleplaying communities I have been a part of over the last twelve has always been the strength of the community.

Forgive me if I go on, but this is a topic about which I have always been passionate.

I have found great value in the Rp communities I've been invovled with in the past, and I suspect Ironsong is no different. There is something inspiring about a passionate and healthy community. A group of people who share their interest in roleplaying and storytelling grows upon itself as a coral reef, creating great diversity where before there was none. Personally, I have found my greatest inspirations in such communities. In such communities, I have found muses Muses are rare and valuable things that should never, ever be wasted or ignored. Within a strong community live muses, and you can hear them if you are willing to listen. I’ll spare you my ramble about muses and their role in my life. I have valued each of the muses I have had, and the ones I have now I value more then any other. How lucky for me that have found inspiration from within the Tribe, through the people and even, I suspect, a muse or two just now being revealed.

In the end, I am very glad that my oldest and best muse convinced me to come Hordeside. Otherwise I never would have found the Tribe, and that would have been a real shame. But I think I have gone far astray of the topic, so I will stop now, lest I write on another few pages and put my readers to sleep.


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