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Part 1

I be Zulok, son of Jan'zul. I be a druid of da Darkspear Tribe. It be a great time for da Darkspears, but definitely a time of troubles for da Horde. I always be liking da Warchief, cuz he be seeing eye to eye wit' Vol'jin. Now dat da spirits call Thrall away, I'm not so sure 'bout Hellscream. He be making some iffy decisions, but as any troll should know, da one in charge has da tough choices to make. I be hoping to find out more 'bout dis new Warchief.

Over da past month or so, I been bumpin' into a little goblin priest who told me dat the Ironsong Tribe was a good family to be wit' while I work to keep da peace between orcs and trolls.

You might be eyein' dis necklace, but you best be lookin' elsewhere. Dese carvings be from da tusks of my mutha. She was killed by a honorless Darnassian. Dat elf paid a price though, and *smirk* da Tribe ate well dat night.

I read the code of conduct, it seem very honorable, and sumtin I can uphold.

Part 2

I am currently Guild Leader of the Alliance Guard, a launch day Guild, the third such leader. I have been leader of the guild for over 5 years. We are a family/casual guild. Zulok represents my first horde character, and I've been levelling him to play alongside my wife who has Ugnasht and Tigbert in the Tribe. I have also previously been a Overall Lead with the Leftovers raiding organization, however have since rolled my raiding back since BC, and only raid occasionally when time presents itself.

I'm looking for a comfortable, drama free guild. I've always enjoyed random RP here and there in Stormwind, but actually being in an RP centric guild is very interesting to me, and I look forward to the extra layer of gameplay involved.

I've been playing wow since shortly after launch, with only a 6 month gap in those 7 years. I may not play for 6 hours a night like I used to, but I do try to get online as much as I can, even if to get my herbalism and skinning up to par.

I'm on Atlantic Standard Time (aka 1 hour later than EST), so 4 hours ahead of server time. Currently I generally play between 4pm server and 7pm server on week nights, and sunday afternoons, but a new promotion might actually make me more available a little later in the evenings. I'm very much looking forward to Mists of Pandaria, and did sign up for the annual pass (again with my wife) during the online stream of Blizzcon last fall.
*The tall, troll rogue sits at a trestle table in the guild hall, her long turquoise hair loose around her shoulders. She tucks a single white lock of hair behind one ear and looks up as the new druid enters the hall. She smiles, and says:*

Mok'ra! Welcome to the Tribe, Zulok, you are welcome here.

((Granted peonship 3/5/12))


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