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Would anyone like to go check out the new instance in the Ghostlands this week? Zul'aman might be a fun trip Smile
Be ready for a pretty rough time, Ugla.

Zul'aman is what Blackwing Lair was to Molten Core, not what Zul'Gurub was to Molten Core. If that doesn't make sense in regards to it, substitute MC for Karazhan and you're good. There's some pretty strict gear requirements needed for ZA-- some of the best we've got who have already been to Karazhan 349876 times are even still working on their's. A group of us went in on the PTR all decked out in epics and it was still pretty freakin' tough.

I've also read that the first boss, Nalorakk's, difficulty ranges from the group skill which is needed to down either Prince or Nightbane (both of which are considered the last bosses in Karazhan). I don't mean to be a spoil sport at all and I apologize if I sound condescending in the least.. but I thought I'd put this out here for you and the others who were wondering. :)
Wouldn't hurt to go see though. From my experience, the bosses are quite difficult, but the trash is easy enough, and you can explore quite a bit of it without having to down a single boss. Just...beware of surprises... :biggrin:
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ZA is definately one extended gear check. Bloodbound downed the first two bosses last night, using our A-team characters (all fully-epic'd from Kara, Gruul, Arena, and Void Reaver), and it was still quite rough.

Most of the trash is easy, but 2 or 3 CC is required for sure, and a paladin (holy or prot) makes the trash-gauntlet leading up to the eagle boss much, much easier. We wiped on it till we had our holy paladin pick up all the eagles.
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