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Greeting's mon!

Ma name be Zul'Maru, and I be a great Warrior. Ma history is a dark tale, but I be happy to share it with ya. Zul'Maru was a former Bloodlord of the Gurubashi.
Zul'Maru fought fiercly, and was highly revered among his fellow tribesmen. During the great Troll Civil War, the Bloodlord felt it not necessary to fight his own kind, and wandered away from his former home. Soon, he found his way into a frozen harsh wasteland ((Northrend)), where he be frozen in a block of ice during a terrible ice storm. Zul'Maru awakened many years later, to find da' world be changed. Zul'Maru traveled far, and found himself in Orgrimmar, and met Vol'Jin, the Shadow Hunter. Recently, Vol'Jin explained to Zul'Maru what had happened to de empire. Zul'Maru be troubled, but he found dat he had no home any longer. Zul'Maru now chooses to fight along side da Darkspear Tribe, hopin' to one day return to Zul'Gurub and banish da demon Hakkar.

((I have been in the Giraffe Slayers, that's where my Main is - a level 60 Tauren Druid))

Zul'Maru be interested in joinin' da tribe, he hear many great things about it. Vol'Jin be reccomendin' it himself. Zul'Maru hear he may discover more about da tribes dat once called demselves the Gurubashi Empire. ((I've heard great things about your guild, and I've RP'd with a few of your members on alts))

Zul'Maru 's greatest trial be leaving his homeland, where he had lived his whole life.

Zul'Maru's desires be to vanquish Hakkar once and for all, and to discover more about da fall of the Empire, and if any of his former allies still remain taday.

Zul be likin' explorin' new places, and fightin' new foes everywhere he goes. Zul also enjoys meetin' new people, and gainin' knowledge to his past.

((Yes, I have read your code of conduct and agree to it.))

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