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Zul'Gurub Ironsong Raids
*Sits down in hotel room, says Zul Gurub*

I hear from officers that we may raid the new dungeon when it comes out as a guild. As a 20 man raid instance, we should have the numbers to fill a roster. We have a nice balanced Guild, all 60's who wish to participate will be able to.

We have some upcoming talent leveling up to help fill some last slots, *Looks a Galven expectantly*.

I am curius about the time commitment and scheduling, as some Ironsong members have commitments to other raids over the weekend whom I can not speak for, but I would do ZG instead of MC one of the evenings.

*Claps twice*
Let the discussion commence; Time suggesting, Known info about ZG.
One of the main factors in deciding this will be whether ZG is a long instance or one of reasonable length with a reset timer. If the latter, an evening could work for some of us some of the time.

The worldofwarcraft.com site has some new info and a preview of Zul'Gurub up now for those interested, with 20 screenshots from the new raid zone. Ironsong will be running raids into it!
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I recently read on the Dungoen forums that once familiar with the bosses that it can be run in two hours, so that probably translates into 3-4 hours for a new raid.

Solving the worlds fresh water crisis, one frost-bolt at a time.
Here is the latest information:

Zul'Gurub releases today, September 13th (Tuesday of course).

Today at 3pm Orgrimmar time Ironsong will start forming and organizing a joint raid to explore and get as far as possible alongside Rotten Luck. We will be in there for as long as is reasonable or until we succeed. Expect to die often as we will be learning the encounters. Bring your best gear, plenty of reagents if you are a class that requires them: be prepared!

There is a 2.5 day (60 hour) lockout on Zul'Gurub. If you are in a Zul'Gurub raid your character is marked with a raid ID that counts down from the time your raid defeats a boss. Once you have defeated one boss, the 2.5 day timer begins and you are linked to that instance until it runs out.

Ironsong will attempt to raid Zul'Gurub on Friday night at the usual time of 5pm Orgrimmar this week instead of our usual UBRS raid. At least for the time being UBRS raids will take place during the weekend while we learn Zul'Gurub and raid it as a Tribe Friday nights. More details on the new UBRS raids to follow.

What this means in terms of the lockout I mentioned above is that if you want to attend the Friday night Ironsong Zul'Gurub raid you must not participate in a Zul'Gurub raid at anytime after 5am Wednesday morning or you will be unable to enter the instance with the Tribe due to being still linked to your previous raid's instance.

Anyone attending tonight's raiding with Rotten Luck will be fine as the timer will end Friday morning.

After this week:
Starting next Monday, September 19th we will be joining Rotten Luck for a weekly raid into Zul'Gurub that will begin promptly at 6pm Orgrimmar time. This time may be subject to change, but that is the current plan. Again, if you wish to attend next Monday but were not on Friday night's raid, you must not join any Zul'Gurub raids during the weekend as you will be locked out on Monday night.

Friday night Tribe raiding of Zul'Gurub will continue. UBRS raids will be announced for weekend times.

Please contact Kosath or myself if you need Warlord's Command to begin your quest for the Drakefire Amulet / Onyxia Key.
This listing of treasures from Zul'Gurub is the best I've been able to find so far.

<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href="http://www.wowguru.com/zulgurub-and-arathi-basin-items.php">http://www.wowguru.com/zulgurub-and-ara ... -items.php</a><!-- m -->

Also, there are two Epic Mounts to be found within, a green raptor, and a tiger.
Rideable by everyone, as implausible as that may sound. Yes, it includes Tauren.

Raids will settle into official times soon, but the nights will always remain Mondays and Fridays.
Aye, it's a lot to take in all at once. Especially the idea of a Tiger to ride on! The High Priest Thekal, (5th of those under Hakkar's thrall), keeps tigers as bodyguards. Naturally we're going to be fighting many of them, and perhaps a few will come home with us!

There are two docile tigers to be found from Thekal:
Swift Zulian Tiger
Reins of the Bengal Tiger
The second is less swift, and perhaps does not exist. But what's important is the Zulian Tiger which has already been seen.

[Image: tiger.jpg]


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