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So let me get this straight -- ZG is now a no-go on fridays, in favor of the monday night split raid? Or are there other plans?
It kinda' dissapoints me too. I have more interest in Zul'Gurub than Molten Core. Then again, I haven't burnt myself out on it.

Why do I have more interest in Zul'Gurub? Because I can use gear that benefits my class, rather than gear with Fire Resists to survive. I find that pathetic on Blizzard's part, and would rather not take part in such ramshackle dungeon design.

I also have heard from many players on all kinds of spectrums that Zul'Gurub is more entertaining than the Molten Core. That also leaves me feeling I'd rather do Zul'Gurub.

I don't understand why we and the rottens can't just do our own Zul'Gurub. We both seem to have a large enough player base to run a twenty man instance on our own... Maybe I'll just start tossing the things that have been littering my bank/inventory/mailbox and start running Zul'Gurub when I can get back in the game.

I'm sorry, I just would rather see us cycle the days, i.e. Zul'Gurub on Friday, Molten Core the next. Or do Zul'Gurub instead of Molten Core. My personal opinion though, and as it seems more in the Tribe are interested in Molten Core, then that's what we are doing. Meh. I won't be around to do it for at least a month while the Tribe figures it out.
It has been a while, my friends. Time to come back in time.
While reading the post about Molten Core, it does appear that we are moving our Friday night raid from Zul'Gurub to Molten Core.

I am interested in going to Molten Core, though I would still like to hit Zul Gurub on a regular basis. My reasoning for that is I'm still wanting a very specific piece of loot from Arlokk....and I would also like to get my Reputation with Zandalar to Revered.

That being said, whats keeping someone other than Kosath, Shillatae or Eveline from setting up an additional weekly event?

If memory serves me, we are now doing (or have access to) Zul Gurub on Monday, Molten Core on Wednesday (with Rotten Luck), and Molten Core on Friday as a Guild. Depending on reset times the Wednesday and Friday trips to Molten Core will need to be watched, so we don't lock ourselves out of the Friday Guild trip if that's the one we are more interested in.

So, that leaves Tue, Thurs (MOOT night though) and Sat/Sun for an additional run into ZG. Since I'm guessing we will still be attempting Onyxia on a semi-regular basis (most likely weekends I'm guessing) perhaps we can set up a new ZG raid on Tuesdays? Saturdays? The problem with this is that it would most likely interfere with the Monday and Friday runs.

My question is this...would we have enough people interested and available to go on Tuesdays? Or what about Saturdays?

Also, would we have some people interested in leading it. If we have plenty of interest in doing this, I may be convinced to help lead it. I have some experience in the zone, but would most likely spend some time with Kosath and Shillatae and ask for tips and pointers. But, I cannot do it alone, and I certainly don't want to. So, if the interest is there, will anyone step up?

We have several Tribe members who are new to 60, or are close to it. Perhaps those people will answer the call, and in doing so they will not miss out on seeing this wonderful zone.

If needed, I'm sure we could try and fill out a raid by inviting Rotten Luck to help out, similar to how the Monday raid was initially started.

Please feel free to add any feedback that would be constructive.

Orc Hunter
Khrale, to answer your question, we will continue running Zul'Gurub, both every Monday with the Rottens and semi-regularly on the weekends (Saturday or Sunday, depending).

Haida, Fire Resist gear is only really /needed/ for Ragnaros. It is helpful on lava packs toward the latter part of the instance but not required, and you can use it or not on a few of the other bosses. I do, some don't. Those other bosses with fire damage have attacks that can be avoided by all but the main tank and sometimes melee.

I love Zul'Gurub myself and will continue to be at any Tribe raid on the place I can. I'm not yet Exalted with the Zandalar and there are still many items I would like from the place, and there are two bosses (Jin'Do and the new Hakkar) that I have not yet seen felled by our hand.

Last Summer we raided UBRS every Friday night. Through the Fall and Winter we have raided Zul'Gurub every Friday night. Now we will raid Molten Core on Friday nights. We're working on adding more times for raiding but we maintain (successfully, I feel) a delicate balance as a family/RP guild engaged in raiding. We've had many victories together (Onyxia pre-MC with one person down at the end is fantastic!) and this is the current next logical step.

Just as when we stopped doing regular weekly UBRS we didn't stop going there neither will we stop going to ZG. It's an integral part of my personal RP, holds some challenges for us all yet, and of course is filled with untapped rewards for many of us as well (Arlokk, where is my staff!?).

All that said, I've done Molten Core up to Ragnaros and fought him as well and while I feel the design and content of the Core are not inherently as interesting in some ways as Zul'Gurub I had a very good time with the Rottens and other Ironsong who frequented that multi-guild raid. I have no doubt that it will be even better with the Tribe as Ironsong defeats each obstacle in the Core and reaps the rewards as a Tribe.

Monday night with the Rottens in ZG and Friday night in the Core as a Tribe are currently our only regular raid nights. Wednesday nights because of the way MC works (resets each Tuesday) will now see much less Ironsong involvement. A couple of our people will likely still attend that raid but I don't consider it an Ironsong event and never have (usually 3-5 Ironsong there with rare recent exceptions).

Absolutely nothing stops someone else from running a raid. Each of us involved in running the current raids actively encourages others to do so. Akora is coordinating MC; Efluvia is planning our involvement in Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj. All I would ask is that you have a firm understanding of the Raid Calendar and the manner in which raid instances link players to themselves and reset as your Tribemates may not be 100% on those things when raids conflict.

Thanks and let me know if I can be of further help. We're not going anywhere. : )

"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
Good additional thoughts, Krell; I'll reply in more depth later if you need. It's a bit late here and you posted while I was writing my reply above. : )

"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
Thanks Tae. This clears it up somewhat for me. The way I had read/understood it is that we would only be going to ZG on mondays. With the way it's split just sort of left us feeling, well...a little left out? I couldn't really see us just stopping though, so many people enjoy the zone.

I'm happy we'll still be going on the weekends!

Do another raid? <gasp> Without the awesomeness of "group 1"? <waves a hand> I'm allergic <nods>

<ZG happy dances off>
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

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I like going to ZG still, and i can almost tank it...almost..
I would still like to go to Zul Gurub myself and would encourage someone to gather the tribe's interest in Zul Gurub, and lead a raid.

I do believe the Warlords offer still stands that, if someone can lead a sucessful recurring raid, for 3 consecutive weeks, that the Warlord himself will bestow upon that leader the rank of 'Raider'.
Vote Akora for MA!
I should have posted this when Akora posted about MC, and I' sorry for not doing it. Our intent has always been to keep doing zul'gurub. People have invested a lot of time into the zone and still want things, and it is enjoyable.

What the current plan is, is for friday night to change to molten core because that is when we seem to be able to gather the most people. Of the other two weekend days, we plan on alternating Onyxia, Zul'gurub, and Ahn'Qiraj possibly, depending on when Efluvia wants to set it up.

So ZG will still continue, it just wont be every friday and monday. Please do feel free to set it up with another leader though, just keep the officers in on the planning so we can coordinate it with everything else.

And despite what they may say, Zinthas CAN tank it, and I'm sure Umu can too. Several of our other warriors are easily there in skill, and getting closer in gear.
Kosath Whitehorn
"The Tribe is my weapon.  I am their shield."
I have a couple questions;

1) are we planning on doing a multiple day MC run? the reason i wonder this is because unless your highly experianced MC takes about 8-10 hours to go all the way threw. so the only logical thing in my mind would be to have a two day event.

2) I dont want to sound greedy but i would really like to keep our ZG raids tribe only. Is that a possability? Not to take anything away from the rottens but i have been trying to get into the monday raid for almost a month straight now and never make the cut. ( gettting a touch irritated about that too )

also Im sure this was already discussed amungst the elders, but how about we rotate the raiding schedual. we could have one week Monday is onyxia and friday/saturday is MC. next week have monday be AQ 20/40 ( i would prefer 20 to start ) then friday saturday would be ZG. just a thought.

As i see it ( in my own delusional world ) the only way we are going to get to do every instance we want to do. is to have a minimum of three raid days a week. and four days might actually be a better number if you take into consideration the younger members of the tribe and the need we will have to get their WC and attunment quests done.

ok thats enough from me for now. talk to you all later, Utsu

1) Not until we are clearing enough of MC for more than one day to be needed.

2) Monday raids are not changing. Many continue despite my repeated explanations to misunderstand Monday's raid. It is a poor raid night for those of us who lead the current raids and if Rotten Luck hadn't approached us about this raid night we would not do it at all, it was their idea and is co-run by them. All Ironsong raids will be all-Ironsong. If you prefer, consider Monday night to be a joint raid of the officers of Ironsong and Rotten Luck, each guild bringing a few of its members.

I am sorry you have not been invited to Monday raids lately. Unless I have made an error, this would indicate that you are being invited to Friday raids instead. Is this in error? If so, please post your schedule issues in the ZG sticky where I asked folks to let me know if they are only available on one night or the other. I'm happy to accomodate that, though keep in mind further ZG raids will be on Saturday or Sunday, generally at 10:30am game time (invites, pulls starting at 11:00am game).

3) Rotations cause constant confusion. If we rotated all our raids all officers would get daily tells asking, "Which raids are which this week?" Seriously. People already ask me, "Will there be ZG on Monday?" when we've done it every Monday for 6 months now. Friday is MC, like it was ZG and UBRS before it. We may have many raiding goals but we are not a raiding guild and you would quickly see this demonstrated if we tried to hold as many raids per week as you suggest. Our members largely cannot attend that many long events per week and would choose this or that one to attend, possibly leaving several of them undermanned and causing further confusion.

We will rotate weekend ZG and Onyxia raids irregularly (by which I mean we might do one a couple times in a row then switch to the other) and hopefully set a regular or semi-regular AQ20 time soon. (AQ40 is post-MC, parallel to BWL in some ways; starts technically easier ends harder.)

Our progress is not to be held to any standards but our own; we have accomplished things as a Tribe already that many on the WoW forums believe impossible or highly improbable.

"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris
thanks for some of the explanation 'tae. i was wondering how the monday raid invites worked. i couldn't remember what it was.

You and everyone else in the tribe knows how excited I am about going to MC. i just want it to be the full instance, not just playing clean up after the rottens already cleared all the bosses.
our enemies will not know we are there till my sword is sticking out threw their chests.
~Proud 'Raider' of the Ironsong tribe.~
(( Personally, I'm thrilled to pieces to see this turn.

I enjoy the tribe raids, but Zul'Gurub had become routine to the point of goofing off instead of paying attention for several people (myself included, sometimes). I still enjoy the challenges presented by Z'G - especially the new Hakkar - dang it, we /will/ beat him! ..but I feel like he and Jin'Do are the only obstacles left in Z'G that are less than "farm status" (as so many call it).

I felt more people were comming to Z'G less for the adventure and more for the phat lewtz (not that they're bad!)....which is when things begin to become tedious for everyone involved, especially those in charge.

I see the MC runs as being a new step in the direction of adventure > loot. (not that the core doesn't present those oh so lovely loot bonuses) ...I just can't figure out my own IC angle for going in there, 'cept of course, Zema's not letting anyone go anywhere she can't follow to fix them. <snickers> ...but that doesn't mean we have to leave off the RP of it.

In all, I'm excited, scared, nervous, and sitting on the edge of my seat to see "the real" MC.

And, now that I've rambled on...I'm going to go hide behind a cup of coffee.
<tickles Zema> I love the goofiness and general cheerfulness that the ZG raids have taken on lately. I take it to mean every one is more relaxed and comfortable with what they are doing. Of course, you'll still have that um...not paying attention part sometimes <grins>

Kosath and 'Tae, I appreciate the clarification about the raids. I also want to thank you two, and everyone else who is in on the planning of any of the raids. I know it's hard work, pain in the butt, and frustrating. GREAT JOB!

Yes, Zin, you CAN tank it! Big Grin
Don't mess with the trees!

"I don't know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody."

~Bill Cosby
Aye Utsu, many of those who currently raid with the Rottens have been using this time while we fight Onyxia, do a couple of farming runs in MC for cores and BoE, etc. to "give our notice". A few people will continue running with that raid and that's fine; a lot of time was invested in it. But now is the time for Ironsong to do it ourselves.

Friday we'll be fighting our way through a fresh instance to Magmadar Cavern and attempting Lucifron and should we be successful also Magmadar. Because it will be a fresh instance there will be Ancient Core Hounds, Core Hound Packs, Lava Surgers which were all down when we farmed it those times, plus lovely Imp Packs we'll move through to the Cavern. It will be very new. : )

ZG Sunday 3/12 10:30am game time, to keep this post on-topic.

Zema, while it isn't personal to your RP, one thing I like about the MC quest line is that it works on Hydraxian Waterlord rep which most of us should have a smidge of from back in Stonetalon Mountains helping the disgruntled water elemental fight in the Charred Vale. I should bring Pehush out to the moot before MC though; the Core is a big part of his backstory and it might help.

"She is a soothsayer. She’s a mystic. She is a witch doctor, able to see into people’s hearts and minds. She’s also touched by the elements." -Naomie Harris

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