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Zuel's Tale

this is going to be a test for myself to see if i can still RP the way i used to. this can also be a way for all of you who read this to judge me as well. please, i ask that you dont hold any critiscism back, all is welcome, good or bad. what i am to type will be a little bit of Zuel's history


"Mi see great powa in dis one, Drogon" said a troll as he held a small infant troll in a deep crimson cloth. The sleeping troll began to toss and turn in the older troll's arms. The elder troll waited until the infant was once again sleeping comfortably, replaced him back into his crib made of wood and bones from the centaur in the near by valley. The elder tilted his head towards the fur pelt the hung over the doorway, motioning for Drogon to follow him.

"Yu cant be serious Masta Jintrill." Drogon began to stammer as he walked down the stairs, following the witch-doctor towards a bubbling cauldron with a green liquid inside of the black bowl. "Oh yu tink yu kno da prophicies betta den mi?" "If yu be tinkin dat yu be a fool!" Jintrill started to say, the tone of his voice went from a deep melody, to an icy one. Drogon, knowing he had just insulted the tribe leader and witch-doctor began to stutter "N..no, dat not be what mi mean at all." "Mi just be askin, if yu sur mi son is da one the prophicies be talkin about." "Der are ova two hundrad trolls in dis tribe, and yu be sur it him?" "Drogon, da elements dont lie, n de certainly woldn't lie about da prophicies." "Yu know it as well as mi do In da foundin day, der shall be a mage, born to save our tribe and race from blood and death. He shall enter the realm of Fire and Arcane magics. He shall earn their respect and their love, and shall lay down his life, to protect the ones he holds dear.

Drogon knew the prophicies just as well as any other troll in the Blood Shadow tribe. "Mi no Masta, mi no." "Mi just wish it didn't hav to be mi son, yu kno?" Jintrill looked upon Drogon, who was now sitting down on the ground starring into the palm of his hands. The witch-doctor knelt down inftont of Drogon and began to speak in a hushed voice, that of only whih Drogon could hear."Drogon, yu and mi be bestest friends fo nearli foti sevan yeas." "De be nuting mo den mi wan den to see yu son grow, an to carri out yu name n blood line, yu no dat." "But as mi say befo, it is yu son, if yu like it o not."

Seeing that this did not make his friend feel any better, Jintrill tried another approach. "Drogon, yu must not worri." "Yu yung one is gonna be wit me." "Mi shall look ova him and watch him as if he wa mi own son." Jintrill looked into the eyes of Drogon, which had something written in them, something unfamiliar to Jintrill. "Mi no yu will." Drogon said at last as he stood up from the dirt covered ground. "Well, de only be one tin left fo us to descuss." Drogon looked up at Jintrill and smiled. "No need to worri, mi got his name picked fo him." "Yu do have ya?" Jintrill asked as he tossed some herbs from the woven basket at his feet and tossed them into the cauldron. "Ya, an what betta name to give mi son den da one who wrote us da prophicies, Zuel." Jintrill, some how shocked of the chosen name the child was to be called. He slowly nodded. "Aye, Zuel be a good name, for our...Savior"


Ok, so thats that. All critizism welcome (and yes i know i misspelled a few words)

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