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Zor'lok in a nutshell
Zor'lok nutshell guide

Here's the nutshell guide to Zor'lok. We've seen this fight in LFR -- this is the first boss of Heart of Fear, the one that flies to the three different platforms, where he uses three different abilities, then ends up in the middle of the room, where he employs all three abilities at once.

This is a one-tank fight, with 2-3 healers and 6-7 DPS.


Zor'lok uses these abilities during the entire fight.

(1) "Exhale" is a damaging ability and "Inhale" is a stacking self-buff. Basically, Inhale buffs Exhale: the more stacks of Inhale Zor'lok has, the more damage Exhale does. Each stack increases Exhale's damage by 50%. Inhale resets when Zor'lok Exhales.

--> HEALERS be aware that Exhale will do more damage with 3 or 4 stacks of Inhale than with 1 or 2 stacks.

For Exhale, Zor'lok will target a random raid member and fire a beam, stunning that person and dealing damage every 0.5 seconds. If a player *intercepts* this beam, Exhale stops affecting its target, and instead deals *reduced* damage to the intercepting player.

--> TANK should intercept the beam. Melee, move back a step or two so the tank can get between you and the boss if Zor'lok targets you.

(2) Song of the Empress. If nobody is within melee range, Zor'lok uses this ability to damage the entire raid.

--> Everyone must move to his new platform. Not a big deal, we do this in LFR.


In this phase Zor'lok will visit all three platforms: south-west, then north-east, then south-east. He'll move every 20%. When he reaches 40%, he'll enter phase two, when he'll go to the center of the room.


Zor'lok will cast Force and Verve, a 10-second raid-wide physical damage ability that lasts 10 seconds. Right before he casts this, he'll put 3 shields on the ground near him. Being under one of these will reduce the damage by 40%, but ONLY for the first 4 players. Any additional people will take full damage. Therefore, we will need to spread out among the shields.

HEALERS: Damage is still high even within the shield. Anti-physical damage abilities are good here: Rallying Cry, Tranquility, Power word: barrier.

Zorlok ALWAYS creates the three shields in the same way. We'll assign who goes where (TBD):

* The first is right next to him: tank and some melee
* The second is slightly further away: melee and some ranged
* The third is 20 yards away: ranged


Every 45 seconds Zor'lok will emit disks in random directions. They do large amounts of physical damage to anyone who touches one. They bounce off the edges of room and head back toward him (but despawn before they reach him) and sometimes split in two.

--> Everyone avoid the disks. The damage is high, but you can survive several disks without receiving healing. Stand a MODERATE distance from Zor'lok (MELEE, don't stand too close or you won't have time to react, RANGED don't stand too far or you'll have to deal with the disks bouncing off the walls behind you). Zor'lok has a HUGE hitbox, so you can stand pretty far back and still hit him.

--> PRO TIP: the disks spawn in only one direction at once, then spawn in a spiraling pattern around him, either clockwise or counterclockwise. You can therefore avoid the disks by running the appropriate direction around him, at the same rate as the disks spawn, to stay ahead a step of them. Our boss mods should tell us which direction the disks spawn in.


Convert is a mind control that will affect 2 players every 60 seconds. To be broken out, the player must be damaged to 50%, though each attack made on that player has a chance to free him before then. Players must be freed quickly, and dispelled. No complexity here.


In this phase Zor'lok will have a 10% increased damage buff and a 20% haste buff. He'll use Force and Verve, Attenuation, and Convert.

Execute the same strategy as on the platforms. You can spread out a bit more to avoid the disks, but make sure not to be so far away that you can't get to a shield in time.

We'll use Bloodlust during this phase.

Icy veins guide

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