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Zlinka's Leveling Guide
((Hello Tribe!

The Burning Crusade approaches! Soon many of us will be plunged into the lowbie world again with our new Blood Elves. Once we have explored the brand new Blood Elf starting areas we’ll be back in the familiar Horde zones.

I'm hoping that writing up my leveling strategy will help guildmates who enjoy leveling but are caught in a slump, unsure where to go next.

I currently have six 60s, so I have been through this portion of the game many times. Please add your experience to this thread! I'm always eager to learn of more good leveling areas.

Leveling Strategy

My strategy is to find high-density areas that pack a lot of experience per minute of play. Ideally, these are areas with:

(1) lots of mobs that spawn quickly, don't run, or call others for help
(2) lots of quests such that everything you kill counts towards a quest completion
(3) little travel time
(4) a close graveyard

Such an area is like an elevator: I can rise through several levels in just a few hours. The Camp T thunder lizard area, for example, is an excellent elevator in the 18-22 range. Hillsbrad, on the other hand, is an area I avoid. The farmer quests require a lot of back-and-forth to Tarren Mill. The farmers spawn rapidly, run away, and call for help, which means I can get overwhelmed quickly. The bear and spider quests require an agonizing grind for rare drops.

What level should you be? It's important to hit these areas at the right level. If you hit them at the right time you can rip through the mobs with very little downtime, racking up kill after kill, and troop back to town with four or five completed quests and head out for another round. The experience leaps upwards.

If you hit these areas too early, however, it's a slog. You need to eat, drink, or bandage after every kill or two; adds may kill you; and the whole thing is slow and painful. Conversely, if you hit an area too late, everything is too easy. Sure, you can kill everything quickly, but the experience isn’t as high as it could be.

The ideal level for an area depends on what class you are. In my experience, hunters are power-soloers that can easily kill mobs two or three levels above themselves. Priests, on the other hand, are fragile and have mediocre DPS (at least until level 40), so do best when killing mobs at their own level or a few levels below.

Instances and grinding: Blizzard has designed the zones so that there is enough experience available through questing to get you through the levels without grinding mobs or running instances.

That being said, a run through an instance, with several quest completions, is good for a great deal of experience and equipment. I have not reviewed instances here, since I rarely go into them myself while leveling. As a parent of a small child, I need to be able to stop playing at a moment’s notice. This precludes instances during the day for me.

I do occasionally grind mobs, particularly if I’m in a slump – I’ve finished one zone but am a little too young for the next one. Some zones have areas that are particularly fruitful for mob grinding, and I’ve pointed some of these out in my guide.

Blood elf questgivers Bilzzard has confirmed that the Burning Crusade will have blood elves scattered around the world in Horde towns, sending you on new quests! This is quite an exciting development, and will add new things to do in familiar zones.

Early to high teens (about 12-18)

The Barrens

Once I've finished with my race-specific area (Mulgore, Durotar etc.) I hit Crossroads in the Barrens and work through the rich sequence of quests centered on the Crossroads: the hunting quests (plainstriders, lions, raptors), centaur quests, oasis quests, and quillboar quests.

I may skip the northern Barrens quests – the Samophlange and Emerald quests -- because they're remote and require painful, unmounted runs back and forth to Ratchet. However, if you need a bump of experience then they’re worth doing.

I usually avoid the early Undead areas... I just find them too dark and gloomy.


Stonetalon is an odd area with a few quests spanning about fifteen levels. You can actually start Stonetalon in the mid-teens: the Grimtotem quests (kill count, escort) can be started at level 14-16 and provide a little productive spurt. Then there are good late-teen quests -- the spider and Windshear Crag quests, and then the mid-twenties quests in Charred Vale and the elf area to the far north.

I tend to return to Stonetalon several times depending on my level. There isn't enough there to take me up fifteen levels, but it's useful as a stepping stone and provides a nice break from the Barrens, though it does involve a lot of running back and forth to the Tauren questgivers at the entrance to Stonetalon and to Ratchet. Stonetalon is also a good place for tin, especially that sloping path leading to the elf area.


The Fenris Isle quests in Silverpine are good in the 16-18 range. The mobs are undead so do not flee!

High teens to mid-twenties (about 18-24)

Southern Barrens

Nothing beats the Camp T area, with its multiple hunting quests (including Chen's Empty Keg) and quillboar quests. This area is excellent for levels 18-22. By my criteria it is the best leveling elevator in the game: the thunderlizards are thick on the ground; they spawn fast; they can be taken one at a time with little risk of adds; they don't move, don't run, and don't call others; and the graveyard is right there at Camp T. I can hardly wait until a character turns 18 so I can head down there.

Great grinding spot: everything that moves around Camp T in the Southern Barrens -- thunder lizards, zhevras etc. (levels 20-21). I frequently stay here slaughtering beasts until level 22.

After about level 22 I head further south to do quests: scorpions, the second stage of Chen's Empty Keg, multiple quillboar quests, and the dwarf sequence. This area is a little less efficient but still fairly fast. I'm usually here until the mid-twenties, 24 or 25.


Ashenvale is a decent leveling area, though it is not as efficient as the Southern Barrens. The shredder pages quest, the outrunners, the Ashenvale hunt, the water elementals at Fallen Sky Lake (don’t forget to kill the named elemental), the satyrs (with their annoying weak heart attack), the Ordanus questline, and Warsong Supplies are worth a good level.

The nagas on the coast and the furbolgs north of Astranar offer some good grinding in the early 20s, but they're far from everything else and are surrounded by pretty sparse territory.

All in all, for the early 20s, I prefer the Southern Barrens, and Thousand Needles for the late twenties. But if you're in a slump in the mid-twenties, Ashenvale may have what you need.

Late twenties

The late twenties can be a bit of a slump. The pickings here are rather slim.


Stonetalon offers some possibilities in Charred Vale (the harpies are 24-28), and in the elf area to the north (the Forest Magic quest is a good one).

Thousand Needles

Thousand Needles is a good questing area, though it has lots of running back and forth to centaur camps, harpy areas, wyverns, and elementals. It has several productive spurts: the three Grimtotem quests are good (the 3 documents, Arnak, and the escort quest -- best done in a group), the water elementals are good if you aren't melee, and the wyvern area is a nice dense little spot (don't forget the escort quest above and behind the wyverns). Don’t forget the questgiver in a cave high up on the cliff northeast of Freewind Post – this starts a nice quest sequence that will take you to several zones. I tend to avoid the harpies because I dislike their screeching and running, but that's just me.


The alternative to Thousand Needles is Hillsbrad. I find the farmer, bear, and spider quests quite painful... farmers run and call for help and spawn really fast; the spider and bear quests are rare drops; and the graveyard is far away. But if you need a leg up to the next level, Hillsbrad may have what you need.
Early thirties (31-34)

Shimmering Flats

At 31+ you can hit the Shimmering flats, which is a mob-rich, quest-dense area good for one or two levels. It's a bonanza of hunting quests (basilisks, vultures, turtles, scorpions, silithids) with some gathering (car parts).

Clear your inventory space before heading to the Shimmering Flats. There are lots of quest drops and lucrative grey items here. These quests can all be done at once for a very productive run over just a few hours.

Note: The silithid questline has a prerequisite in the Barrens. Talk to Korran in the Crossroads to start the questline (Egg Hunt). You'll eventually get sent to the Shimmering Flats on a silithid hunting quest (The Swarm Grows). If you do the prereq you'll also be eligible to receive a "cracked silithid carapace" which will drop from the first silithid you kill and will start a second quest (Parts of the Swarm).

Great grinding spot: the basilisks around the pool east of the racetrack headquarters. Fast spawn, lots of lucrative grey drops. To give you an idea, I was able to get 5 tics of experience in 30 minutes here soloing as a 35 priest.


Arathi is pretty good leveling area, though not as productive as the Shimmering Flats. The troll, ogre, and raptor hunting quests are good, especially as Blizzard seems to have increased the drop rate on raptor hearts.

Eventually several of these questlines lead you into Stromgarde, an elite ogre area which will require a group and multiple unmounted runs back and forth to Hammerfall.

I typically go to Arathi only if I need a little extra experience to get me into northern Stranglethorn. So I’m usually overpowered and don’t find it very useful.

Great grinding spot: Apparently, the Dabryie farmstead is the best AoE grinding spot for frost mages in the game. I don’t have a mage yet so I haven’t tried it. I do know that the Dabryie farmstead can be quite dangerous for other classes, as the farmers spawn quickly and flee when wounded, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed.

Early to mid-thirties (32-36)


Northern Stranglethorn, starting at about level 32 or 33, is a power-leveling frenzy. The Nessingwary hunting quest lines (lions, panthers, and raptors) combined with the bloodscalp troll quests, page collection quests, and the Venture Co. mining quests are fantastically productive. Some of these quests are based in Booty Bay (make sure to get the flight path on the top floor of the inn). I've also discovered a 3-part crocolisk-killing quest based in Booty Bay (Tan-Your-Hide shop). I love this area and typically blast my way through all my rest state within a few hours.

After Northern Stranglethorn, I am typically in my mid-30s and am not quite ready for Southern Stranglethorn.


Desolace is another early 30s area, but the quests are sparse and the landscape is bleak. Compared to Stranglethorn it's poor. I have been there with only a few characters. The fishing quests, the centaur faction quests, and the demon quests are pretty good. Also, if you haven’t done it yet, do the kodo taming quest – it’s unique in the game and a quest I enjoy very much.

If you've finished North Stranglethorn and aren't quite ready for Southern Stranglethorn, Desolace is a decent mid-30s place to go.


I typically only go to Alterac for the Frostmaw quest. Nevertheless, there are some good grinding spots there for the mid to late thirties. The elite ogre area is useful – it has several quests. It does require a small group, though. Two or three players are usually enough.

Great grinding spot: the Yetis (levels 33-35) and Crushridge ogres (34-36). Fast spawn, nice spacing, dense, and no runners or callers. The ogres are lucrative in silver and silk.

Late thirties to early 40s

Southern Stranglethorn

Southern Stranglethorn offers quite a few productive questlines: the pirate quests (scout the area, collect snuff, kill buccaneers and collect maps & charts) and gorilla quests (aged siner and giblets quests) are good at levels 39-41, though the pirate quests become difficult quickly so may be hard to solo. I typically do a few of these quests then return when I'm around 42 or 43 to finish them off.

Great grinding spot: the elder mistvale gorillas (levels 40-41) north of Booty Bay. They spawn fast and there's a graveyard nearby.


There are several questlines in Dustwallow that are appropriate for the high 30s. There are two questlines that apparently start by picking up two objects in the ruined inn on the border with the Barrens (I haven’t done them myself).

Personally, I’m biased. I don’t like Dustwallow. It has poor visibility, lots of hills, streams of water that dismount you if you don’t clear the jump, monotonous landscape, and slimes. I have never spent serious time here. I’ve done a smattering of the quests with a few of my characters, but I have also leveled characters without setting a foot in here.

However, if you need a place to go in the mid- to late-30s, this may be a good one to explore. Also, Dustwallow is a good place for herbs at that level.

Swamp of Sorrows

This area has some hunting quests and item collection quests based in Stonard and the murloc-killing quests based in the outpost on the southern edge of the shore. There’s apparently an escort quest in the Lost One area to the north, though I’ve never done it. Dream Dust, a Booty Bay quest, involves killing the whelps in the southwest, and there’s a quest from Desolace that chains in here as well. There’s also a questline from a ghost at the entrance to the Blasted Lands that sends you into the Swamp of Sorrows a few times before launching you into the Blasted Lands.

The wyrmkin wandering around the Sunken Temple are no longer elite, which makes the eastern section of the map much safer than it used to be. As with Dustwallow, this is a good place for herbs.

That being said, I have not quested here much. I don’t like swamps much so I tend to avoid them when leveling up, and only use them if I need a little bump of experience to enable me to tackle another zone.

Early to mid 40s

I find the early 40s (level 42-43) to be a little slow. I've finished the gorillas and early Buccaneer quests in southern Stranglethorn, but am a little too weak for the Nagas, Buccaneer captains, and Zanzil quests. The first layer or two of Badlands quests will provide a good bump in this level range (coyotes, buzzards, and the early rock elementals). Once I can handle Feralas, at about level 43-44, things pick up quickly.


The Badlands is a good area in this level range. It is very remote, however, and requires a terrifying run north from Stranglethorn through Alliance territory, Blackrock, and the Searing Gorge, or south from Arathi through the Wetlands, Alliance territory, and an Alliance tunnel. Once there, however, the hunting quests (coyotes, vultures) and the rock elemental quests are quite productive. Rock elementals also drop lucrative grey items. And if you're a miner, the Badlands is a great place for Iron and Mithril.


Feralas is an excellent place to be starting around level 42-43 for the woodpaw, ogre, and muisek quests. The muisek quests are particularly fruitful, because it has you kill hippogryphs, fairy dragons, and treants for two quest lines: a kill count sequence (gathering muisek from various beasts) and an involved item drop quest (Natural Materials). Make sure to pick up the Screecher Spirits quest from Steemwheedle Port in Tanaris – you can do this at the same time.

Note: one of the early muisek quests has you travel all the way to the Hinterlands to kill wildkin, then travel back to Feralas. It's worth it to do the Hinterlands part of the Muisek quest line early so you can do both of the muisek quest lines at the same time in Feralas.

There are also two quests along the west coast of Feralas, given by a goblin near the Alliance dock. Note: one of these quests gives you a zapper that will shrink an elite giant into a non-elite! This zapper can be used on the giants in the Mountain Giant Muisek quest, the last of the muisek quests, which makes it soloable in your mid to high 40s.

Great grinding spot: the ogres in the middle of Feralas (levels 42-45). You'll end up killing a lot of them anyway... if only to get your quota of Ogre shamans!

The Hinterlands (west)

The western side of the Hinterlands offers several quests in the early 40s range. These quests all originate in other zones because this quest area predates Revantusk village, the Horde town in the far east of the Hinterlands. Pick up the Grim Message quest from Grom’gol in Stranglethorn, the two Muisek quests from Camp Mojache in Feralas (Natural Materials and the muisek questline). These will have you killing level 41-42 mobs in the Hinterlands.

Note: the muisek questline starts with package deliveries to Orgrimmar and back to Feralas, before sending you to the Hinterlands.

Once you’re killing trolls in the western Hinterlands, check their camps for a bottle of poison. This bottle will start a quest that will send you to a questgiver in Tarren Mill, and back to the Hinterlands.

The eastern Hinterlands quests, based in Revantusk Village, are late-40s quests and should be left till a little later, though you might want to pick up the flight path now.
Southern Stranglethorn

The Zanzil, naga, and Buccaneer captains can be soloed around level 43-45, or done in a group a little earlier. You’ll also need a group to kill the elite giant northeast of Booty Bay and recover the treasure box he stole.

Don’t forget to find the document in the bottom of one of the pirate ships east of Booty Bay – it leads you on a treasure hunt through multiple zones. Also, don’t forget to check the bottles along the beach East of Booty Bay – they contain letters, one of which starts a quest.

Searing Gorge

The Searing Gorge is a good place to go after the Badlands, when you are in the mid-40s range. There’s a very good burst of hunting quests here (spiders, elementals, dwarves, golems, and the funny silk toilet paper quest) that are speedy and productive.


Tanaris is a good spot for the 40s. It has quests throughout the 40s, but does not have enough to get you all the way through to 50, so I typically visit Tanaris several times during my 40s. I intersperse it with other areas.

Early 40s: The wastewander quest sequence (levels 40-45), and Caliph's head (from the "wanted" poster in Steemwheedle) are good for the early 40s. There's a timed quest that involves killing hyenas, basilisks, and scorpions, based in UC, but I found it too frustrating so have only done it once.

Mid-40s: For the mid-40s (around 43-45) visit the pirate area south of Steemwheedle. There are several quests, based in Steemwheedle, which make this area very productive. There's a collection quest for pirate hats, and a pirate kill count quest, an item retrieval quest (Stoley's Shipment), and a quest to kill a named pirate (get Andre's head, from the "wanted" poster in Steemwheedle). The pirate area is dangerous, however: the pirates are thick on the ground, spawn quickly, and flee. It's easy for a fight to get out of hand with multiple adds. I've found it best to be in a small group or to be a little overpowered to do this area.

High-40s: For the high 40s (about 45-49), the noxious lair, the ogres, and the dew collectors all offer excellent experience. Don't forget to pick up the artifact collection quest from the goblin south of Gadgetzan. There are a lot of artifacts around the eastern ogre area, so artifact collection and ogre killing can be combined productively.

Great grinding spot: the Dunemaul ogres (levels 45-48) in southern Tanaris. I have had a lot of fun going round and round the ruins, slaughtering ogres. This is where I got Zlinka to 50.

High 40s to early 50s (about 47 to 51)


The eastern Hinterlands is an excellent spot for the high-40s. There's a whole bunch of quests based in Revantusk village to kill everything that moves in the Hinterlands: wolves, gryphons, wildkin, turtles, elves, and trolls.

Don't forget to pick up the port bottles quest at the Booty Bay inn before heading out. There's also a document-collection quest in the Quel'Danil elf area that is given in the Undercity by Oran Snakewrithe. This area is an excellent elevator through several levels in the late 40s, and I am always excited to get here.

Jintha'alor is an elite troll temple in the southeastern corner of the zone. It's a tough place and should be done in a 5-man group, but it has lots of quests, provides a lot of experience, and has some very good rewards. The Woven Ivy Necklace is a quest reward here, as is the Rune of the Guard Captain, which Zlinka still wears.


This is a good time to return to Feralas to finish up the muisek quest line and do the northern harpies.

The harpies in northern Feralas are quite productive because they're dense and spawn quickly. However, they do flee, and the graveyard is a ways away, so I tend to go there in a group in my late 40s or when I'm a bit overpowered in my early 50s. I rarely bother with the Dark Heart quest, which requires a rare drop of a horn off a harpy to summon an elite. If the horn does drop, however, it's worth doing.

Don't forget you can pick up a zapper from the goblin near the Alliance dock which will turn the elite mountain giants into non-elites. This lets you solo the last step of the muisek quest.


Return to Tanaris to finish off the quests in the southern region: the ogres, silithids, and dew collectors.


Felwood has some good quests in the high 40 to early 50 range. The furbolgs, satyrs, and jaedenar questlines are all quite productive. There's also a Felwood bear- and wolf-killing quest based in Camp Mojache that's worth picking up and doing at the same time. There’s a Horde flight path at the western end of Bloodvenom River. Questgivers are split between Bloodvenom Post and Emerald Sanctuary, so make sure to check both areas.

Great grinding spot: the Deadwood furbolgs (levels 49-50) in southern Felwood. You'll need to kill a lot of these to earn your way through the tunnel into Winterspring. They provide excellent experience in the low-50 level range and lots of mageweave!

Blasted Lands

This area has only a few quests, do-able in the high 40s and early- to mid-50s. There are several drop quests for potions and buffs (questgivers are next to a campfire near the entrance). These quests can be repeated for additional potions. There is also a long, interesting questline involving the rescue of victims of a lost platoon. This questline rises quickly in difficulty so you may end up coming back to it at a higher level.


This is a rather thin zone with few quests. However, the level 50 class quests and the blood elf quests are worth doing. The tablet questline ("Stealing Knowledge") is an easy questline (item collection plus multiple deliveries) with an insane amount of experience for the small amount of effort involved. Definitely worth doing.

There is also a difficult-to-locate goblin questgiver on top of a hill east of the Timbermaw hold who gives a short series of quests.

Early 50s (about 51-54)

Un'goro Crater

I usually head to Un'goro Crater at level 51. Un'goro offers a feast of good hunting quests -- dimetradons, pterodaxes, plants, gorillas, raptors, tar beasts (Super Sticky quest based in Gadgetzan). There's also an Orgrimmar-based raptor-killing quest given by a troll located on the second floor of the tallest building in the Drag. Don’t forget to start the Linken questline by investigating the wrecked zepplin west of the Tauren questgiver at the entrance to the zone. You can rip through all these for a level or two in just a few hours.

Great grinding spot: tar beasts in northern Un'goro (levels 50-54). You'll be killing these for tar anyway (for the Gadgedzan quest called "Super Sticky") but they're useful for experience as well. They're dense, spawn quickly, don't wander, flee, or call others. They also drop herbs and the occasional Living Essence.

Western Plaguelands

The Western Plaguelands has the four cauldron quests which are a rich source of experience (about 50,000 experience just from quest turn-ins). Get a small group together and you can rip through the four of these in just an hour or two, earning the better part of a level. It's extremely productive!

There are a few odd quests around here too which can be done at the same time. The first field has a ghost questgiver in the house, the second field has a questline that starts from a journal in the stable, and the third field has a dying Tauren questgiver in a building west of the cauldron. These quests are worth doing at the same time as the cauldron quests.

Andorhal is another good questing are. There are some Bulwark quests here, and some Chromie quests (Chromie is on the second floor of the inn). Andorhal is very dense with undead and has several wandering elites, so it's a dangerous place, but if you explore it with caution you'll be okay.

Hearthglen: There is a downward-sloping path north of the lumber mill. At the bottom is a questgiver who sends you to kill Scarlets outside Hearthglen, then two Scarlet captains on the path to Hearthglen, then to scout Hearthglen from the tallest tower. These quests can all be soloed or duoed and are quick and worth doing.

Great grinding spot: undead around the first cauldron. (The second and third cauldrons have undead with annoying disease and freezing attacks, and the fourth cauldron is quite dangerous). Undead are also useful for earning reputation with Argent Dawn.

Blasted Lands

This is a good time to come back to the Blasted Lands to work on freeing the members of the lost platoon.

Mid to high 50s (about 55-60)

Burning Steppes

Burning Steppes is thin, quest-wise. There are only about four quests – two given in Kargath and two in Burning Steppes. The whelp quests chains into Winterspring, and many of the other quests and questgivers send you into Blackrock Spire. Don’t forget to turn in your Black Dragonflight Molt to the dragonkin in the cave in the northeast corner.


This is a good time to return to Felwood to finish the northern Deadwood furbolg quests. Once you earn your way through the tunnel to Winterspring, Donova Snowden (questgiver next to a pool south of the path in southwest Winterspring) will send you back into northern Felwood to do more quests.


Winterspring is another rich zone with lots of hunting and drop quests – yetis, wildkin, furbolgs, and chimera. Two hunting quests originate in other zones: pick up the wildkin questline from Bloodvenom Post in Felwood, and the chimera questline from the Burning Steppes (Broodling Essence is the first step, then chimeras in Winterspring).

Great grinding spot: the yetis just east of Everlook, and the owlbear area south of the yetis. If you're a leatherworker, the yetis drop lots of rugged leather.

Azshara: Hydraxian Waterlord questline

The Hydraxian Waterlord questline is given by a water elemental named Duke Hydraxis on an island east of Azshara. The first two quests take you into the Eastern Plaguelands and Silithis to kill elementals, before sending you to kill Pyroguard Emberseer in UBRS and then into Molten Core.

Eastern Plaguelands

This is an excellent zone for the mid to high 50s. There are several good hunting quests for the western part of the zone (plaguehounds, bats, and maggots) given by Tirion Fordring, who lives in a hut at very north end of the river that runs between the Western and Eastern Plaguelands. He also sends you on a quest to redeem his son, who turned to the Scarlet Crusade. This is a long, beautiful questline that will take you into Scholomance and Hearthglen. Definitely pick up these quests!

Nathanos at the Marris Stead (hill just north of the path in the southwest EP) also has several good hunting questlines which can be done at the same time as the Tirion Fordring quests. These culminate in killing Duskwing and Borelgore, a massive elite bat and maggot that roam in the Eastern Plaguelands (and require a small group). Nathanos will also send you after the Crimson Courrier and into Tyr's Hand (elite). Note that Sylvanas in UC gives you a quest to talk to Nathanos.

The Pamela's Doll questline, in Darrowshire, is one of the most poignant, haunting quests in the game. It will send you to several zones to speak with Pamela's relatives and redeem her father, who turned to the scourge during a battle. It culminates in the Battle for Darrowshire (one of the few 10-man world quests).

Light’s Hope Chapel is a good source of quests for the eastern part of the zone. It also contans numerous quests for the Stratholme instance.

Light’s Hope is also the center of Argent Dawn faction. It contains many repeatable quests that have you collect or craft items and turn them in for reputation and tokens which can be exchanged for rewards.


Silithus (57+) has several high-50s hunting quests: scorpions, snakes, and spiders, as well as twilight cultist quests, elemental quests, and quests that will take you into the Silithid dens (elite areas that require a group).

Silithus is the center of the Cenarion Circle faction. It offers a variety of quests that can be repeated for reputation and tokens, which can be exchanged for rewards.
reserved for TBC
Nice guide Zlinka, it was just what I was looking for!
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)
Thanks, Zlinka; my mage friend Vais has been puttering at 40-41 for months, so it's good to hear she's not the only one with troubles at that range! This reminded me of a couple of places I hadn't considered, so maybe she'll finally get off her duff and do something with herself. Wink
hey thanks a bunch for putting up this level guide! its intresting to see what the good leveling zones are here as apposed to my PvP servers lol
EX1: STV is like a ganking STD. ppl who get ganked, start ganking there, and so ppl who get ganked by said people call in others to help them and they gank someone who does the same thing......its a bad place to be if your not on at 5am or at the level cap
same with hillsbrad....

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