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I. Your character

1. My name be Zengjin of the Darkspear
2. I be a Troll Shaman
3. Dere not be too much to tell. I be from the Echo Isles. My parents were killed by Naga so I was raised by different people in the tribe. I just recently left da Islands to make begin making my way in the world. My hero in life be da former Warchief Thrall, I hope to be a strong Shaman like him one day.
4. You may be noticin' that I go in and out of what da Orc bredren call, "Troll speak." Sometimes I sound like I from da Isles. Other times I sound like a sophisticated Mage. Dunno why it be happenin' but it do, hope ya can live with it.
5. I read the rules carved on dis here totem and I ain't go no problem abiding by them.

II. Yourself

1. I am in Alahni lo Andu on the Alliance side and have been for about two months.
2. Solid RP and eventually I'd like to join in the raiding. Mostly I'm looking for a family guild like ALA and I've been told IST is the way to go.
3. Since Vanilla but I took a long break after Wrath. Haven't really experienced any of the Cata or Mists content yet.
4. It really varies but usually during the day and early evening during the week.
5. I really look forward to meeting everyone and being a part of the tribe. Smile
Welcome, Zengjin.

I'm glad to meet another good Darkspear from the Echo Isles. I was born there too, and grew up there. Lived through the attack by the Kul Tiras fleet as a small child, the new settlement in Durotar, the reconquering of the isles, and then Zalazane's terrible treachery. My family held a small island against Zalazane for many years, and that's where I grew up... in what I now know was a tropical haven whose safety was made possible through constant fratricide against Zalazane's forces.

I left the isles many years ago to journey in Azeroth and eventually fight for the Horde. I've made a home for myself outside the isles, but their turquoise waters will always be a deep part of me. I live among people I once called strangers, but who are now my friends, Tribesmates, and family.

Welcome, Zengjin. May you bring great honor to your Tribe.

- Zlinka

((Welcome to the guild! I look forward to seeing you in-game!))

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