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Zeengo the Squall
So ya be wonderin' who I be. Well as it seems, ya a'ready heard from me brudda. I am Zeengo de Squall, Shaman and Voodoo mon. Fo' several seasons I been servin' de horde, mostly in de most spiritual of habits. As such, I hardly got placed into de direct battle. Good fo' some I be guessin', but it didn' help me much. Cause of it, T'rall only saw to grant me de title of First Sergeant. Doh, durin' de same sabatical dat me brudda took I followed him. Dis of course did murder on me position, and am only seen as a grunt of de horde for now.

But ya be askin' about me vocation, well dat be a simple answer. I converse and converge wit de spirits mon. I hear dere callin' and obey, dey also in turn offa me dere services. People taken to callin' us shaman, but I tink dat jus' lumps us all into to tight of a group. I sure nevah seen a tauren dat be callin' out to Ula'tek or Loukou dat fo' sure. Even less, I doubt de would be able to command de spirits of dere ancestors in de same way.

As it seems, me brudda likes to blab. Course, he took his side on the whole ting. I was still a bit of a youngling when it all happened. But I nevah forget what happened, nor will I be forgivin' him. But for de most part, dat story be true. Aftah we came to durotar wit de rest of our tribe, Gho' took to de darker side of de nature. All dat sneakin', stealin' and de like definetly was his downfall. I mean, he was de first born of a witchdoctah, ya don' do dat! Course, he felt he was in de right, and faddah, he felt dat only de spirits could be right and dat Gho wasn' listenin' to de no mo'. Fo' de most part, it seems faddah was right, and thusly went to take de inheritance of our family back. An old juju charm said to be blessed by de great serpent Ula'tek herself. And ye know the rest of de story from dere, my part in it was to grant me faddah's last wishes. Cause dat fool Ghol'jan not only broke de charm, and his tusk but also our faddah's spirit dat day. T'ree days aftah he left, faddah became deathly ill and on his dead bed bid me to follow his foot steps, and Gho's. So now I be keepin' me faddahs spirit close wit me, and be chasin' aftah me damned fool brudda everywhere.

Durin' all dese trials and tribulations I did start takin' up some hobbies. Also findin' some new ways to work de voodoo. As it is, I have become a mastah of me own right in callin' de spirits into items and weapons, thus enchantin' dem. Also to study how dey work, I took up de art of pullin' stone and ore outta de ground. Not quite a mastah at it, but I ain' shabby eithah. Course then are the standard travelin' skills. Every troll who spent any time wit his people has to know how to fish, and so I do. Also I learned to cook doz fish and prepare em in de traditional ways. At healin' de wounds through bindin' dem, I am a mastah.

Course that leaves us up to othah parts of me past. In de persuit of Ghol'jan I did find a home with in a tribe known as de Ravajahs of Azeroth. A rather inocuous name for a group of huntah's if ya ask me. I had been wit dem all of me adventurin' life. Most of dem I found ta be amongst de best people ya be knowin'. Course dere comes a time to follow your duties....

That would lead us to de present, and me standin on ya doorstep here. Don' be t'inkin' I am here just fo' Gho' doh. I have worked wit many of ya people durin' my time on dis ground. They have always impressed me, and fo' de most part still do. I had known some'a ya people for some time and doh they may be gone now still feel dat connection to dem.

But ya now be wantin' to know about me past again? Well truely de greatest trial was still followin' Gho wit out killin him. Dat doh is prob'ly not what ya were t'inkin' of. I would say it would have ta be fightin' alongside our horde brudda's against the denizens of de Black Rock clan. Maybe even fightin' against de Death Knight Rivendare on de behalf of de foresaken, and de argent dawn. But I hear tale dat dere are even mo' dangerous minions out dere. And dat is what I believe we all seek to find out, and test ourselves against. Because of de old sayin, show me a man who does not seek to improve himself, and...well I forget de rest of it. But mostly I do stuff like dat for me bruddas in arms, and well, me brudda in blood. Dat is probably what I get de most out of, de bruddahood of fightin' and defeatin' dose that stand in ya way. Dem beside ya become part of what ya are, and ya grow togetha. That is what I do it all fo'.

But as fo' ya rules, yeah I read dem and undah stand dem entirely. And I be lookin forward to workin' wit ya all on a closer level.
Fine fine, show up at the moot on thursday if you are able and present yourself then.
Don't forget to sign the Code of Conduct!

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