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Name and title:
My name is Zarane. I haven't earned any titles in Azeroth yet, but I hope to someday do something to merit one.

I am a hunter and a tanner by choice. I like working with my hands, and dealing with all aspects of animal life ... and death. By skinning and working animal hide, I make sure that every part of them is used, so their deaths were not for nothing.

Because I didnt want to follow my family's "warrior" tradition, at the age of 4 I was given to my uncle by my father, since he was ashamed to have me as a son. . My uncle stayed in Stormwind, in alliance territory, where I started my hunter training and made a few decent friends. It was hard, but my uncle being as clever as he is he made me look almost just like a nightelf. My uncle is a rouge working for Silvermoon as a spy and was very crafty when it came to undercover work. He taught me some of his skills with a bow, which wasnt much, but it sufficed. But I soon longed to be back Home with my own people.

Being a inexperienced hunter is hard, especially when you came from a place where the people are at war with your own. People look on to you as a traitor.

Clans, Tribes, or Guilds:
I haven't been a member of any group before, but a female tauren named Coranda told me about this Tribe saying that the people in it would treat me like I belong, like I do have a place in this world. So I listened and took her advice

Joining the Tribe:
When I came back to Silvermoon, I met Coranda while I was resting from my travels. We became good friends fairly quick, but I am still fairly wary around her. Trust is a hard thing to earn with me for I have seen many "Friends" turn foe. Although, im not a very social kind of person I did make friends while I stayed in Stormwind.

Greatest Trial:
Coming back to Stormwind after so long everyone treated me like I was a traitor. Upon my return I received news that my father had been murdered by my eldest brother. Cant say that I really mourned for my fathers passing but it is a shame that he cant see what I will become.This is when I learned that trust must be earned,

Goals and Adventures:
My goal now is to become one of the most famous hunters in all of Silvermoon. To enjoy the thrill of the hunt and helping the needy is an exilerating and somewhat pleasurable experience.

I can only wish that my goals are at least somewhat achievable through hard work and I believe that if they are then I will become what I hope to be. I seek rewards far beyond normal people could even dream...

Code of Conduct:
I have read the codes of conduct, and I do not have a problem with them. I just hope you don't mind my inability to trust you right away.
Thank you for your interest in our guild.

Please edit your application to follow the format of the Tribe application in http://www.ironsongtribe.com/forum/viewt...f=10&t=980. Use the example application below the first post as a guideline.

Also be sure to read and sign our Code of Conduct in http://www.ironsongtribe.com/forum/viewt...?f=63&t=63.
Upon reading the application, Coranda sighs and gets out a quill and a very big bottle of bright red ink. Taking it down from the Totem, she makes corrections, notes, and sharply worded comments about diction, syntax, and grammar. Once finished, she replaces the parchment (now mostly red) on the Totem with a very large arrow pointing toward it in the hopes that it will be read and heeded.

Satisfied, she murmurs to herself:

"Oh, he's a sweet boy, but writing is not his strong point at all. Let's hope we can train that out of him soon. Maybe I'll add him to the beginners' writing class...."

((Given some ... pointers ... on how to do an application correctly. Hopefully, they'll help.))
Is this any better?

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