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ZG enchant Librams...
From Eyonix:

While it's not completely in-line with your dream parody, I do believe that you'll be happy to hear that in the next patch, the Dire Maul Librams will no longer be a requirement for the Zul'Gurub enchantments. Instead, a new item drop from either Bloodlord Mandokir or Jin'do the Hexxer, along with the class appropriate Voodoo doll will be all that is necessary, making these enchants much more accessible to players.

We do plan to incorporate additional use for the Librams, but the specifics are yet to be determined.
And to think I paid 130 gold for my libram of Focus, and I got a great deal!
Vote Akora for MA!
(( The problem I see is that they said "Mandokir or Jin'Do" ... this tells me that they a) have not made uptheir minds or b) one set will be from Mando and the other from Jin'Do.

How much do you want to bet that the caster item will drop from Jin'Do and the melee item will drop from Mando? ))
Mandokir and Jin'Do currently have a similar type of loot table, and this template of theirs differs from those of the rest of the bosses in the zone. I believe that all they mean is that both Mandokir and Jin'Do will drop this item or items, as part of their "loot boss" status.

While Mandokir drops melee/ranged epics and Jin'Do drops caster epics, their blue tables are both balanced and their current quest drops also run the gamut. I see no reason why they would make this new quest drop in line with the epic drops rather than with the current quest drops.

I believe that main issue this change is directed toward fixing is the fact that the 9 different Primal Hakkari items have differing drops rates due to their use in armor quests at particular faction levels, which makes their use in the enchantments quests which are at a fixed faction level unfair to those who need a Tabard, Kossack, or Aegis and are forced to wait for a rarer Primal drop and then potentially take this rare quest item away from someone who has been working on their quest at revered for an epic reward.

I could be wrong about the implementation, but I feel that this will be a positive change and will also see the prices of the DM librams drop again. As a Priest Librams of Focus would be nice to be affordable to actually use for the +9 dmg/healing on my DPS set since my ZG enchant is a healer focussed reward. At least the Exalted shoulder enchants are open to all classes, so I can put +33 healing on my Zandalar Confessor's Mantle and +18 dmg/healing on my Virtuous Mantle or something.

Hoping for the best,
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