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You're reached Trozzesh, he's not home
I apologize for missing the past couple weeks of raid. I've been working over time 6 days a week - usually something like 06:00 to 17:00 or later during the week - since the opportunity doesn't come all that often. Since I'm on the east coast, that means I'd be getting less than 5 hours of sleep if I came to raid. That's just not enough to sustain me through the day. In a couple weeks we're supposedly going back to a normal schedule, so I'll probably be back on more often then.

The shadows of my past weigh heavier than the hopes for my future.
So I can be an anchor for you, but only if you know when to let go.
That's alright. Real life > WoW... or so I've been told. We managed to beat Magmaw anyway with our Fadoozle-powered aoe awesomeness. Big Grin

Be well. *Spock gang signs*
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