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Yogg Strategy
I am guessing that Patch 3.3 drops next week, so this may our only chance on Yogg. Read up on the strategy at the usual places so that we can be prepared for what may be our only attempt. Here is a summary of the strategy:

Make sure you activate the keepers before making the attempt.

Phase 1: Raid stands near entrance to avoid the clouds. One tank will tank the Guardians near the raid. DPS takes Guardians to 25% (no dots). At that point, we need to get the guardians near Sarah. You could have two tanks taking turns near the raid tanking them and then, bringing them to a third tank who is standing near Sarah, or you could have a chain of tanks taunting them down to the one near Sarah. Clouds have to be avoided. Guardians Dark volley needs to be interrupted. There needs to be a dedicated group down near the clouds (2 healers, 3 dps is more than enough) to heal tanks and take Guardians down.

Phase 2: Yogg appears. Ranged DPS priority is Constrictor tentacles if the have someone in there grasp, Crusher tentacles which should be tanked, and then, Corrupter tentacles. Two abilities to watch for are the Brain Link (players need to move close together) and Death Ray (Has to be avoided). Players should watch sanity and run to Freya's Green beams to replinish if they fall below 40%. At some point, portals will open around Yogg. Melee DPS should be assigned to specific locations around Yogg to take a portal inside. Don't face the skulls directly. Melee will have 60 s to move quickly around the room killing influence tentacles that are disguised as NPCs. Once that is done, brain portal opens and melee dps the brain until 5 s left on Induce madness cast at which point they exit. A healer should accompany the melee inside. Melee takes a circuit hitting each tentacle once or twice.

Phase 3: Crusher tentacles that still are up need to go down first. Then, get the Guardian's under control. Ranged may help in the beginning. Otherwise, ranged on Yogg. Avoid lunatic gaze. Watch sanity. Melee on Guardians. Don't pull agro. Healers stand near the door facing it. Then, tanks and melee on Guardians. Finally, ranged closes to Yogg DPS'ng him.

Have Mana Tide, Will Travel
From what I read, it seems that it can't be stressed enough how important it is for players to be aware of their surroundings in Phase 1 and MOVE if they see or think a cloud is going to touch them. This is important for Add control. It is also important for watching your Sanity level.

I know in the past it was obvious players were focusing on their cast bars or cooldowns and not paying attention to what is around then, or Debuffs, however, from the few raids I have been in since I returned, this does not seem like an issue anymore. Players have obviously learned to multi-task extremely well which include fulfilling their roles and assignments (and beyond) as well as situational awareness that prevents damage, deaths and wipes.

Awesome job IST and of course those who supoort our raids outside of the guild. Yogg is going down!

(/end attempt at a motivational words)

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