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Yaetherin Bloodkite
Sinu a'manore Ironsong Tribe, strange, how this is the last thing I had thought I would be saying after our -first- meeting. Some may remember my name, others may even be reviled by it. Both are good reactions, but for those that have never heard my name I am Sir Yaetherin Bloodkite, Master Knight of the Blood Knights, Avenger of the Sin'dorei. Several long months have past since I had the first chance meeting of your people. Some may recall I flew under the banner of the Crimson Dynasty then, such a failed strive that was. They forgot who they were and where they were going and as such have fallen from their housing. As of current I bear the tabard of the Knights of Defiance, a sort of interim passing on my behalf. Suffice it to say, standing against the entirety of two worlds can wear down on ones shield. But I digress...

There are many of your people whom I have fought along side in recent times. I believe they possess their own tongue, so if they wish to speak up for our interaction they can feel free. If not, all the same. But it should be known, that I have traversed most of that wretched world of outland and only those few have my confidence, so far. Many trials and trevails I have went through, the loss of faith, loss of dignity, and betrayal on all sides. Aside from my own people, those few are the ones I would lay my wearily prolonged life down for. Yes, that does include this -horde- of yours. Thus far, we have engaged in friendly discourse, but I have not found a reason to die for your cause as of yet. Never the less, I also have heard of many of the sin'dorei find home amongst your ranks. Which more then any other, aside from the incessant nagging of some, has brought me to your door step. After all -someone- has to protect them.

As for other minor things, you will find that I am quite a provisioner. Not nearly as versed in cooking or fishing, but a master of the swordsmithing arts. After all, what good is a strong will with out an equally as strong blade. I do not possess very many of the rarer fair of the outlands, but I sure that will change shortly. After all, the dead leave behind some interesting things...

As for your "Code of Conduct" I understand and will abide by then. My mark shall be left in your books after this. Until then, Shorel'aran
Thanks for applying!

You will need to attend a guild moot (meeting) in order to make your introduction to the guild.
Moots are held every Thursday at 6pm Orgrimmar (Server) time.
Please contact me or any guild member for location details as we normally don't decide on location until the last minute.
Etsuko - Monk
Razzlixx Blingwell - Warlock
Cloudjumper Wildmane - Druid (Inactive)

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