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Anyone use Xfire?
I just recently (ie, about 10 minutes ago) downloaded it again and have decided to have it running. To be honest, I created a profile back in November of '05, but didn't actually use the program for more than a few hours. As an example, my overall WoW time since then is supposedly 3 hours. Wink Obviously a bit off! Hehe.

So then! If ya do, please feel free to post your usernames! I'd love to get into contact with folks on there. ^_^
[Image: laerg.png]
I used to run it a lot back when I played Battlefield 2 and 2142. Nowadays.. not so much.
Yeah, used to use it to play Titan Quest with an old Rotten friend.

I don't think I even have it installed anymore.
I think I use it to log on to Sword of the New Age... >.> no idea how or when I got it though.

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